Foxworthy Farms

Martin O’Brien, David Bowers, and Barrie Eves established Foxworthy Farms in 2016 on an 82-acre parcel located in the shadow of Diamond Mountain. They planted the first crop to serve members of the Patients Care Collective (PCC) and other medical cannabis patients in the region in 2017. Foxworthy Farms is a part of a nineteen-year effort to cultivate and provide clean, high-quality cannabis, first for patients and then for adult-use consumers.

Our team has deep roots in the early days of medical cannabis in California. Martin, David, and Chief Operating Officer Don Duncan were key players in the grassroots effort to protect and expand access to medical cannabis in the early days. They helped promote the Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215) that legalized medical cannabis in 1996. They founded PCC in 2001, making it one of the nation’s oldest cannabis providers in the United States. The team frequently participated in marches, protests, and public meetings in support of medical cannabis patients. They mobilized their members to participate in the campaign and supported grassroots advocacy with both time and money. Martin and David worked closely with other local providers to establish the first self-regulatory body for cannabis business, and continue to work with elected officials to adopt and improve local regulations. Don is a co-founder of Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s leading medical cannabis patient advocacy organization.

The farm is located approximately two miles from the border of Sonoma and Napa County. The elevation of the property is over 2,000 feet. The sun, wind, soil, and climate are completely unique to our farm, which sits at a higher elevation than any other licensed grow in the county. We believe our microclimate is a special part of the cannabis we grow here. There are two residences occupied by the business owners and less than one acre of outdoor cannabis canopy. The balance of the beautiful 82-acre property is undeveloped. We are determined to keep the land in a natural state to help preserve and protect our watershed, wildlife, and forest.

THC: 27.18% 4g
GMO Cookies Smalls
THC: 24.42% 4g
THC: 18.51% 3.5g
Auto Fuel
THC: 26.82% 4g
Blue Dream
THC: 17.47% 4g
Green Crack Smalls
THC: 30.34% 3.5g
Papaya Punch
THC: 27.51% 3.5g
Queso Madre #6 3.5g
THC: 27.51% 14g
Queso Madre #6 14g
THC: 27.51% 28g
Queso Madre #6 28g
THC: 30.34% 14g
Papaya Punch 14g
THC: 19.64% 3.5g
Saltwater OG
Roc OG
THC: 32.71% 3.5g
Peanut Butter Breath
THC: 19.64% 14g
Saltwater OG
THC: 18.51% 14g
Auto Fuel 14g
THC: 32.71% 14g
Peanut Butter Breath
THC: 19.64% 28g
Saltwater OG
THC: 18.51% 28g
Auto Fuel 28g
THC: 32.71% 28g
Peanut Butter Breath