What is Chil brand cannabis?

We created Chil to deliver innovative all-natural cannabis products that elevate our customers experiences by continually innovating effective, easy-to-use, and all-natural products. With our Chil Mixers™, Pure Live Resin cartridges, and distillate cartridges, we’re the go-to brand people want for easy-to-use, all-natural products. We promise an elevated, innovative experience and a commitment to high-quality natural ingredients - quality you feel.

Most notably, Chil is pioneering a new category in the world of cannabis-infused products with our launch of Chil Mixers™ - a powder based infusion that has been optimized for absorption through a proprietary, patented process. The technology preserves the potency and delivers an unmatched water solubility that was previously unachievable in the cannabis space. Thanks to this encapsulation process, the onset of Chil Mixers™ takes only 15-20 minutes (based on company research). This new alternative to cannabis powder gives you the freedom to drink and consume your cannabis the way you want it and when you want. Dose Responsibly®.

Basic info about Chil

Chil makes vape cartridge, vape battery, syrup and mix, live resin vape cartridge cannabis products.

Chil strains

Chil is known for strains like Pineapple Jack, Fire OG, Mandarin Haze, Purple Punch, Berry Pie, Grape Soda, Guava Glue, Sour Apricot. If you want Chil delivery near me, check around cities including Daly City, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Pacifica, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, San Mateo.

Where to buy Chil brand cannabis near me?

Chil's availability depends on your area. We will list their products here as we find them. You might find similar goods to those made by Chil on hempshop an online dispensary. On hempshop you can buy weed online with a credit card and have it come to your house.

Can I order Chil products with a credit card for home delivery?

We don't have Chil ready for shipping yet. In the meantime here are some trending products similar to Chil on hempshop:

Chil is known for vape cartridge, vape battery, syrup and mix, live resin vape cartridge - here's a range of weed products you can purchase with your credit card to be shipped to your house: