Buddies makes crumble, live resin, diamonds, vape cartridge, live resin vape cartridge, capsule, cannabis products for sale in California, Oregon, Washington. Buddies is known for strains like GSC, Sherbet, Ice Cream Cake, Kush Cake, Papaya, Zookies, Cherry Punch, Purple Haze, Haze, Tangie, Maui Wowie, Space, Fuji Fritter, Blue Banana, Durban Poison, Watermelon Zkittlez, THC Bomb, Vanilla Frosting, 41 Flavors, Snow Lotus, OG, Sour Berry, 92 OG, Clementine, Sour.

If you want to buy Buddies online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here Los Angeles Patient Caregivers Group, One Plant Atwater, One Plant Salinas, Chai Santa Cruz, A Green Alternative.

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THC: 89.65% 1g
Clementine CDT
THC: 93.33% 1g
Blue Z Girls CDT
THC: 85.8% 1g
Snow Lotus CDT
THC: 83.76% 1g
20pc THC Capsule
THC: 89.77% 1g
White Berry CDT
THC: 87.36% 1g
Tangie CDT
THC: 82.95% 1g
Fuji Fritter Crumble
THC: 76.32% 1g
Georgia Costanza Crumble
THC: 81.28% 1g
Berry Jane Crumble
THC: 88.74% 1g
Space Dream CDT
THC: 80.36% 1g
Vanilla Frosting CDT
THC: 84.95% 1g
Super Lemon Haze CDT
THC: 83.04% 1g
Pineapple CDT
THC: 79.53% 1g
GMO Cookies Live Diamonds
THC: 70.23% 1g
Lemon Skunk Live Diamonds
THC: 78.94% 1g
Zkittles CDT
THC: 84.6% 1g
Pineapple Haze CDT
THC: 78.36% 1g
Sour Jack Crumble
THC: 81.14% 1g
Rose Runtz Crumble
THC: 71.98% 1g
Rolls Choice OG Crumble
THC: 77.2% 1g
Peaches Be Crazy Crumble
THC: 70.05% 1g
Pai Gow Crumble
THC: 78.36% 1g
MAC Crumble
THC: 68.49% 1g
Cherry Punch Crumble
THC: 83.22% 1g
THC: 87.93% 1g
Death Star CDT
THC: 83.15% 1g
Sour Berry Live Distillate
THC: 83.73% 1g
Walter White Crumble
THC: 70.17% 1g
Lava Cake Crumble
THC: 76.07% 1g
Apple Fritter Crumble