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Find prerolled THCA flower joints, from tiny dogwalkers and Skiniminis, to larger infused joints and blunts. If you're looking for bud prerolls by mail, try

Enjoy flower without the hassle with pre rolls & joints available for delivery in your area. Joints and infused pre-rolls are convenient, easy to use products. Just light up and enjoy. Bud offers an array of pre-roll sizes, available as individual singles, or in multipacks from several different bud brands.

Joints and infused pre-rolls are popular, easy to use products. Just light up and enjoy. Bud offers an array of pre-roll sizes, available as individual singles, or in multipacks.

Pre rolls delivery FAQs

What is a bud pre-roll?

A pre-roll is the bud version of a tobacco cigarette. Prerolls are mass-produced joints, sold in a ready-to-smoke format. Other commonly used slang terms for pre-rolls are; joint, doobie, doob, bomber, J, fatty, doink, spliff, blizzy, bone, and marijuana cigarette.

What are the most popular sizes/weights of prerolls?

Pre-rolled joints are made in an array of sizes, from a .3g ‘dogwalker’ to multi gram party joints that can exceed 3.5g. The most popular pre-roll sizes are .5g, .7g, and 1G formats. Pre-rolls are available in multipacks or as singles.

What are infused pre-rolls?

For added potency, some prerolls are infused with hash, kief, shatter, oil, terpenes, or any number of concentrates. Popular infused bud pre-roll brands include Tarantula, Fuzzies, Space Coyote, and Biscotti.

Are pre-rolls better than rolling your own?

Pre-rolls are more convenient than rolling your own, and do not require learning to roll, or needing a grinder and rolling papers (aka Zig-Zags). Pre-rolls are machine produced for accuracy and consistency. Many “OG smokers” or traditionalists prefer to roll their own because of the notion that pre-rolls are inferior because the flower tends to dry out and lose some of its aroma and taste. However advancements in packaging and pre-roll manufacturing technology have led to highly improved pre-roll quality in 2024.

How are Prerolls Made and When You Can Feel the Effects

Most prerolls are rolled by machine to achieve a uniform and evenly filled product. When you consume prerolls, you can expect to experience the full results within 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what the pre-roll is filled with and your tolerance level.

Are Pre Rolls Joints?

Yes, a pre roll is essentially a joint. Pre rolls are joints that have been prepared and packaged ready to use after purchase. A standard pre-roll is made up of bud, rolling paper and a filter. Sometimes pre rolls contain infusions to increase potency.

What Are Infused Pre-Rolls?

Infused pre-rolls are cannabinoid joints that have been rolled in advance and has been combined - or infused - with other concentrated products. These products can be marijuana oils or hash and or even cbd or hemp that are added to increase the potency or alter effect of the joint.

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