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We’ve been online here since 1994, working to bring cannabis & culture to you through the internet. If you live outside our current delivery area, perhaps we can be of service with some content &

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bud.com delivers Cypress Hill’s cannabis

Cypress Hill have been telling stories from the streets & frontiers of the mind for decades. A string of huge hit rap records erupted from West Coast stars B-Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs, and Eric Bobo: Cypress Hill spat rhymes as warriors and cannabis evangelists. Now after eight years they have a new studio album, […]

how legal cannabis hurts compassionate care

Sweetleaf Collective is a charitable organization founded in 1996 to provide free medical cannabis to those in need throughout the Bay Area. Primarily serving low-income HIV/AIDS and cancer patients via bicycle delivery, Sweetleaf was originally founded and run on a volunteer basis, using excess flower and shake donations from farms in Humboldt County. For the […]

considering hemp baby formula

One of the most nerve-racking moments of being a new parent is dealing with digestive issues. There is a certain desperation that comes with having a newborn screaming in misery, which is why some parents consider a wide variety of formulas. The internet is full of cow milk alternatives, along with anecdotal evidence of how […]


How can we best utilize & enjoy this powerful plant? Here is some of what we’ve learned as legalization brings more science, research, and knowledgable people out of the shadows:

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