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We’ve been online here since 1994, working to bring cannabis & culture to you through the internet. If you live outside our current delivery area, perhaps we can be of service with some content &

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dixie elixir review

When medicating with cannabis, having an inconspicuous and easy choice is always attractive, especially when that product is delicious. While a newer concept, adding cannabis to drinks is a trend that is quickly becoming popular. Convenience and efficacy are what many of these enhanced liquids and beverages boast, so it makes sense that this form […]

New York decriminalizes marijuana: what you need to know

Despite failing to completely legalize marijuana earlier this year, a new law has changed possession of small amounts of marijuana from a low-level misdemeanor to a non-criminal violation.

testing out cbd gel capsules

Friday 12pm Unboxed Care By Design’s 18:1 CBD:THC ratio gel caps. Today is a wfh day (for freelancing and editing). So, while I’m looking forward to potentially relaxing effects, I’m hoping I can also get shit done (like editing, writing, handing out resumes, and building a dresser). I read the instructions, which say “effects should […]

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Here’s what legal cannabis products look like in California today:


How can we best utilize & enjoy this powerful plant? Here is some of what we’ve learned as legalization brings more science, research, and knowledgable people out of the shadows:

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