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Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Legalize Marijuana Goes Beyond All Presidential Candidates

  Every candidate involved in the Democratic presidential primary election believes in reforming federal cannabis laws. However only Bernie Sanders plans to go further than simply allowing use and possession. Sen. Sanders released his comprehensive marijuana legalization plan last week. He hopes to involve more minority-owned businesses while banning the influence of Big Tobacco. According […]

the dangers of a vape ban

Right now, I should be savoring the fall of the Sackler family, righteous head-rolling for the sales-based damage the opioid crisis did and does to my state, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, I also have a chronic pain condition that all the schadenfreude in the world couldn’t hope to quash, and I feel proud of our tenacious Attorney […]

ca clears marijuana convictions

With recreational marijuana now legal in California, the state has begun making efforts to clear the records of people with marijuana convictions that predate legalization. In January, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced it will expunge cannabis-related misdemeanors and felonies from as far back as 1975, essentially retroactively applying marijuana legalization laws to these […]

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How can we best utilize & enjoy this powerful plant? Here is some of what we’ve learned as legalization brings more science, research, and knowledgable people out of the shadows:

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