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We’ve been online here since 1994, working to bring cannabis & culture to you through the internet. If you live outside our current delivery area, perhaps we can be of service with some content &

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Weed and Waves; Santa Cruz Cannabis Delivery

Santa Cruz is one of California’s OG Cannabis outposts, and bud.com is thrilled to add the legendary surf town to its list of available delivery zones in California. Bud.com now offer both on-demand and scheduled cannabis delivery in Santa Cruz and surrounding cities throughout the Central Coast, which include some of California’s most scenic towns […]

99 ways to get Central Valley Cannabis Delivery

Look past the orchards and you’ll find some flower. All up and down highway 99 bud.com cannabis delivery is now serving the San Joaquin valley. Central Valley weed delivery has arrived. People who need access to cannabis have too few options for shopping in the Central Valley. Many of local towns are what you might […]

Cannabis Delivery and COVID19 Coronavirus Quarantine

At bud.com delivery, we serve people out in the world, in their homes. During this outbreak of Spring 2020 we wanted to explain how bud.com is handling home delivery of cannabis in this pandemic quarantine for SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, named “coronavirus disease 2019” (COVID-19). Safe delivery steps we take in cannabis […]

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Here’s what legal cannabis products look like in California today:


How can we best utilize & enjoy this powerful plant? Here is some of what we’ve learned as legalization brings more science, research, and knowledgable people out of the shadows:

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