Weed Delivery? Sure, We Do That

bud.com definitely delivers weed.

by Bud Media Team · June 09, 2018

bud.com definitely delivers weed, but we don’t put “weed delivery” all over our site. Why should we? Why don’t we?

When I first found the internet I was so excited to run with it: to share my stories, stories about people that I knew, and stories about people I didn’t know very well. Once those people saw my site, some of them weren’t very happy to be publicly described by a personal journalist!

Eventually I pulled back from near-live sharing of my personal affairs. I made a short film explaining this experience. A younger man emailed me because of his own experience doing the same: oversharing about his personal life and learning it interferes with a good life gently lived. I suggested we get a cup of tea together.

Meeting up in person we both discussed how we had channeled our interest in sharing on the internet into participation in the marketplace: me as a journalist, him as a search engine optimization specialist.

Fast forward a few months and we’re looking at our site architecture for bud.com. We realized we need to structure our web site properly so search engines can properly digest and understand what we’re doing with bud.com. This allows folks to find us on the web.

Since I knew this fellow had been through a similar chastening on the internet, I asked for his advice on our work to position bud.com as a reputable source of cannabis delivery and cannabis information.

This fellow wasn’t deep in the cannabis industry, but he was passionate about the structures and flows of computer-human attention. His research suggested that “weed delivery” is a more popular search than “cannabis delivery.” We thought okay, we’ll try "bud.com: weed delivery" and see what it looks like.

So we put “weed delivery” at the top of our pages. But it didn’t quite sit right - we felt more like cannabis delivery than weed delivery. Weed felt too casual and informal. We love buddying up to bud, of course, but we want to let people know we have our act together here: we’re professionals taking care of your orders. We look at the whole plant and all it’s potential: weed sounds like it could potentially lead to a good time, cannabis also sounds like it could potentially provide some deep relief. As we launch ourselves at the dawn of a new era in cannabis for adult use, we want to be mindful of what words we choose.

So if you’re searching for weed delivery, you’ll find weed delivery and more at bud.com. We might even say we offer marijuana delivery, but that’s somehow a more controversial topic perhaps best saved for another post.