10 Cannabis Celebrities & their Weed Ventures

As the cannabis industry continues to blossom, many celebrities are cashing in on this billion-dollar industry. From CBD-infused coffee and drinks to pet treats and chews, these celebrities have gone above and beyond marketing their own lines of can

by Jenn Sipes · March 24, 2022

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As the cannabis industry continues to blossom, many celebrities are cashing in on this billion-dollar industry. From CBD-infused coffee and drinks to pet treats and chews, these celebrities have gone above and beyond marketing their own lines of cannabis products.

Our Favorite Cannabis Celebrities

  1. Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg, the famous West Coast rapper, notorious stoner, and self-proclaimed weed aficionado continues blazing his way to the top. He dominates not only in the rap game, but also in the cannabis game. Snoop Dogg released his line of cannabis products, Leafs By Snoop, produced by Canopy Growth Corporation in 2015. The packaging, designed by Pentagram, appeals to “upscale consumers” and the bud offerings include eight strains of marijuana flower including Cali Kush, Northern Lights, and Blueberry Dream. Leafs By Snoop also includes an edibles line consisting of chocolate bars, cannabis drops, gummies, fruit chews and peanut butter gems. Snoop has also launched a cannabis-focused digital media platform, Merry Jane, and is the co-founder of Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in the cannabis industry.
  2. Martha Stewart

    America’s favorite homemaker must have taken a few pointers from friend and cooking partner Snoop Dogg, as she has also partnered with Canopy Growth to launch her own CBD wellness line. The Martha Stewart CBD line includes soft gels, oil drops, and gummies in citrus and berry flavors, inspired by Stewart's kitchen and garden. Along with her CBD line for humans, she has also created a CBD line for our furry friends, intended to support pets’ mental and physical well-being. These soft-baked chews and wellness drops come in a range of flavors such as chicken and cranberry to help dogs cope with everyday stress. Stewart has also recently released her own CBD skin care line, 86 Elm, consisting of three creams designed for muscle recovery, better sleep, and stress management.
  3. Jim Belushi

    Actor and musician Jim Belushi has gone a step further by not only launching his own cannabis line, but actually cultivating cannabis himself. Belushi’s Farm was founded in 2015, cultivating high-quality cannabis as well as developing all-natural CBD products for physical and spiritual wellness. Belushi’s Farm, located in Rogue Valley, was created as a gateway to healing. Belushi takes pride in his farm and his cultivation of sun-grown, natural, and rigorously-tested cannabis. Belushi’s Farm produces three brands: Belushi’s Secret Stash, Blues Brothers, and Captain Jack. Some of the strains include Cherry Pie, Blue Dragon, and the smoke that brought Jim into the business, Nilla Wafers. Belushi’s farm not only produces cannabis products such as extracts and pre-rolled joints, but also CBD treats for dogs. Edibles and ice cream are also in the works.
  4. Seth Rogen

    Along with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, Seth Rogan has also teamed up with Canopy Growth in launching his cannabis company, Houseplant. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg launched Houseplant in 2019 in Canada and when it premiered in California two years later, the website experienced so much traffic that it crashed. While the Canadian line has come to a halt as Rogen and Canopy Growth have since parted ways, Houseplant is now focused on running independently in the U.S., but plan to relaunch in the Canadian market in the future. The Houseplant cannabis line offers strains named after weather phenomenons such as Diablo Wind, Pink Moon, and Pancake Ice. The weed comes in attractive stackable tins accompanied by a reference card for each strain with information about terpenes and a warning—it’s strong! And we would expect nothing else from the Pineapple Express star. The Houseplant tagline states this cannabis is “For people who love weed, by people who love weed.” The Houseplant line also sells three Housegoods products including a block table lighter, ceramics, and an ashtray set designed by our favourite Canadian stoner himself, Seth Rogen.
  5. Trixie Garcia

    Attention Deadheads! Trixie Garcia launched a line of Cannabis, Garcia Handpicked, in honour of her late dad, Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia. The line is a collaboration between the late singer’s family and Holistic Industries. The line includes flowers, pre-rolls, and guitar pick-shaped edibles with the promise that all products are eco-friendly and high-quality. Garcia Handpicked strains include Super Lemon Haze, Sour Bubble OG and Chemdawg, a strain originating from a bag of weed bought at a 1991 Grateful Dead show, as legend has it. Jerry Garcia would be proud! Check out Garcia Handpicked here.
  6. Mike Tyson

    Former heavy-weight champion Mike Tyson has released his new cannabis line, Tyson 2.0, in partnership with Columbia Care, one of the largest and most experienced multi-state operators in the medical cannabis industry. Although his previous cannabis venture (Tyson Ranch) failed, this has not discouraged Iron Mike. Tyson 2.0 cannabis line will include flower, pre-rolls of premium flower including the famous and highly anticipated Toad lines, as well as Tyson’s personal favorite strain, Sour Diesel. Other products such as vapes, edibles, concentrates, and blunts are said to be available early in 2022.
  7. Wiz Khalifa

    The famous Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa, has had multiple ventures in the cannabis industry. In 2014, he merged with Raw, to present a line of rolling products. In 2015, he announced Khalifa Kush Enterprise (KKE) and the launch of its own strain, none other than Khalifa Kush. After much anticipation, Khalifa Kush products are now available at the Cookies store in Los Angeles. Although Khalifa Kush has been available on the Nevada marketplace for some time, this is the first time it enters California’s market. Khalifa has now partnered with Cresco Labs ,one of the largest cannabis operators in the U.S, and two California cultivators, FloraCal and Continuum, for the Cookies release. The famous rapper even has a cannabis gaming app, “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm,” where digital weed growers plant, grow, and harvest cannabis.
  8. Willie Nelson

    Country singer and stoner legend WIllie Nelson founded Willie’s Reserve, one of the first celebrity-sponsored cannabis production companies, in 2015. In 2019, Willie’s Reserve partnered with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats to produce the Nightstache Collection, a limited line of cannabis cartridges. Willie’s Reserve also sells Annie’s Edibles, a line of artisan cannabis-infused chocolates, created by his wife. Willie’s Reserve has since expanded as Willie Nelson launched his first CBD brand with his wife, Willie’s Remedy. The CBD line offers infused coffees, teas, topicals, and tinctures to promote a daily wellness routine, all featuring organically grown American hemp extract from independent U.S. farmers.
  9. Lil Wayne

    One of the most influential rappers and hip hop artists of his generation, Lil Waye, has also launched his own cannabis line, GKUA Ultra Premium. The cannabis line is sourced from the most experienced growers and produces strains that are very limited—and very strong—with some of the highest natural levels of THC available. GKUA Ultra Premium boasts quality, purity, and potency with the tagline to consumers offering “the best high of your life.” Weezy’s Cannabis line will also support new artists in various mediums including fashion designers, musicians, and visual artists through artistic collaborations not only promoting the brand, but the GKUA lifestyle. Use their Weezy Weed Finder to locate a dispensary carrying GKUA Ultra premium near you.
  10. Jaleel White

    Famous 90s sitcom actor Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel in Family Matters, has released his own cannabis line, in partnership with 710 labs. America’s favorite on-screen nerd has gone from suspender-wearing geek to cannabis chic. White’s cannabis line, ItsPurpl, consists of variations of the Purple Urkle strain including a strain called Stefan, a hybrid cross between Purple Urkle and The White, cleverly playing homage to Steve Urkel’s alter ego. ItsPurpl includes other Family Matters references in its branding such as printed messages on the covers of the packaging quoting the famous Steve Urkel line “Did I do that?” and “Hi Laura” in reference to the character’s obsession with on-screen crush Laura Winslow. The ItsPurpl line features a purple ombre logo of Steve Urkel’s face on its products and carries eighths, vape pens with live rosin pods, and Noodle Doinks, hand-rolled joints that use a gluten-free fusilli pasta noodle as a filter. ItsPurpl also has a limited-edition merchandise line with shirts, hoodies, socks, and the most exciting item—a cast iron waffle maker with Steve Urkel’s face. Perfect to satisfy those munchies after smoking that Purple Urkle!

Have you tried any of these celebrity brands?