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The breeders at Purple City Genetics from Oakland, California didn’t need to look far to get their hands on some of the best West Coast genetics. They took Blue Dream, which is a cross between an indica Blueberry and a sativa-dominant Haze, and paired her with Key Lime Pie, a particularly tasty and resinous pheno from the famed Girl Scout Cookies line. Out comes a sativa hybrid that combines the best of sativa and indica into one irresistible strain!

Typical for a hybrid, growing Blue Dream x Key Lime Pie isn’t too difficult. The plant makes a good candidate for indoor and outdoor operations, developing a robust structure in either environment. She responds very well to LST, and is also very well suited to ScrOG. After a decently short flowering time of 9–10 weeks, she produces above-average yields of fat, very sticky, and colourful buds.

As you can probably guess just by looking at her flavourful parents, this strain brings a true festival of flavours to the table! The mouth-watering sweet berry taste of the Blue Dream goes perfectly with the slightly citrusy yet smooth and creamy flavours of the Key Lime Pie.

Her effect combines the best of indica and sativa into a smoke that won’t disappoint. She has a superb mentally invigorating effect that is great for chatting with friends while keeping your mind clear and your body relaxed. Smoke some more, and her calming effect will intensify, but never to the point of knocking you out cold. This makes the girl a superb wake-and-bake or daytime smoke.

Have a penchant for tasty, balanced hybrids? Don’t deprive yourself any longer; give in to the sweet call of Blue Dream x Key Lime Pie.

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