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Peacemaker is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Green House Seeds. Also known as Great White Shark, and won the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 1997 for Best Hybrid. It can treat depression, chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, migraines, anxiety and stress. The citrus taste is sweet, fruity, skunky and pungent. Its aroma matches and adds some earth. It boasts olive green buds that are fluffy, small and have amber hairs and chunky bright crystals. Peacemaker strain is recommended for daytime use.
Type of High
Peacemaker cannabis strain gives a cerebral and body high. It is uplifting but also relaxing. As creativity fills your mind, you are motivated and focused.
Breeder: Green House Seeds. AKA: Great White Shark, Shark Shock, Great White, Good Wild Shark. Strain Lineage: Peacemaker cannabis strain comes from a cross between Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian strains.

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Peacemaker 1g Concentrate

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