San Diego Weed Delivery

You can now find Bud in the deep south...of California. We're stoked to offer delivery services all the way down to the US-Mexico border, with our new delivery and pickup partners.

by Dean Arbit · September 20, 2021

Bud Launches Cannabis Delivery In San Diego

You can now find Bud in the deep south...of California.  We're stoked to offer delivery services all the way down to the US-Mexico border, with our new delivery and pickup partners. A Green Alternative.  San Diego weed delivery and amazing in-store and delivery deals are now available on Bud throughout San Diego.

Happy to do our part to keep San Diego classy.

Cannabis delivery in San Diego from Dispensary near me

One unique characteristic of San Diego is the diversity of its neighborhoods. With cool breezes and the temperature-moderating effects of the ocean, coastal areas can be many degrees cooler in the summer and many degrees warmer in winter. San Diego is sprawled over some of the most scenic land along Southern California right down to the southern U.S. border.  And Bud delivers throughout the great neighborhoods of California's second largest City.  To the Padres fans, ordering weed from in La Jolla, Mission Hills, or Point Loma.  Or current and ex Charger fans ordering weed in Coronado, Balboa Park or the Gaslamp.  Fans (including students of legal age)of San Diego State University and UC San Diego can get La Mesa weed delivery, and Ocean Beach, and El Cajon residents will also be stoked to click and get cannabis delivered to their home or office.

Buy weed online in Chula Vista and Imperial Beach for Dispensary pickup

In addition to delivery throughout San Diego, Bud now offer in-store pickup for deep SoCal peeps looking for a cool dispensary experience.  Including weed delivery in Chula Vista. A Green Alternative is the best dispensary in San Diego in our humble yet informed opinion.  We love AGA because of the friendly, bilingual staff and amazing deals on a huge selection of top brands.  In fact we loved them so much we actually partnered the AGA.  We are stoked to extend their great deals and menu to our delivery and pickup customers throughout San Diego and into Baja California, Mexico (for pickup in SD).

Best Edibles, Pre-rolls and Vapes in San Diego

The most trusted brands in California are on Bud and available in SD. For edibles lovers we have an amazing array of gummies, chocolate, drinks with varying amounts of THC and CBD.  Top edibles brands on our San Diego menu include Kiva, Plus, and Wanna.  Dietary restrictions?  Not a problem. Whether you're vegan or kosher, we got you.  If vapes and pods are your thing check our San Diego collection from category leaders Stiiizy and Moxie.  And of course for those pre-roll lovers wanting instant contact, we offer a broad selection of top shelf singles and multipacks.  Looking for a doobie with an extra punch?  Infused joints covering the gamut of strains twaxed with hash, kief and other exotic concentrates from trusted California cultivators.

Best weed deals to be had in San Diego

Bud offers the 'OG discount' to everyone over 65, and all military personnel.  Both get 10% off their orders.  And of course the deals...cant forget about the deals.  Bud SD has amazing daily deals across all categories.  Go to, punch in your address, and see the deals offered at the top of the menu.  Happy shopping and above all...stay classy.