legal cannabis delivery?

What is is a place where you might find legal marijuana for delivery, if you live in the parts of Northern California that we serve.

What should I try? What’s Indica? What’s Sativa? What’s CBD?

It sounds like you need some context on cannabis – we have a page for you!

Why should I order from

We’re a new startup with an old domain name, working to provide the most convenient, inexpensive, quality cannabis to you wherever you need to receive it. We look forward to experimenting to learn the best ways to help you enjoy and find comfort from this amazing pot plant. We believe that there are frontiers of improved health and well-being that we can help bring about through conducting our efforts at with a focus on positive social impact.

Where does deliver?

We deliver legal cannabis to patients in Northern California.  We plan to grow our reach into more of California during 2017 and 2018. We don’t yet have plans to serve other states beyond California, but keep on working to legalize this plant and we hope to serve you some day, somewhere beyond the golden state.

Did you say legal cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, bud, grass, ganja, herb, jazz cigarettes, devil’s lettuce, chronic, tree, kush, doobie, dope??

Yes – haven’t you heard? This amazing plant is being re-legalized around the world. As the medical and recreational benefits become apparent, societies are realizing the immense costs of cannabis prohibition. As a new legal marijuana industry takes root, is proud to offer bud delivery in Northern California, one of the first places in the United States to offer safe, legal access to pot for qualified adults. In 2017, qualified adults means having a medical weed prescription. In 2018, qualified adults means being over 21 in California.

how do I

How do I get started on

First, get a medical marijuana prescription if you don’t have one – see the next question! Once you have a medical prescription for California kind bud, create an account on and do some shopping. Or contact our team via text and we’ll be happy to chat you through the process of getting started with bud and with!

How do I medical cannabis?

If you have a mental, physical, or spiritual ailment, there’s a chance that marijuana might help. Sleeping right, exercising, and a good diet might also help. If you want to talk to a doctor about where cannabis could fit in to your healthful lifestyle, we work with these good folks: Heally offers medical cannabis consultations for California state residents.

How can I pay for my legal cannabis?

You can give cash to our driver. We are currently cash only. We aim to accept a range of digital cash like BitCoin, if it’s actually a currency and not just a store of infinitely increasing value. In the near future we also plan to accept credit cards as well.

Is delivery discreet?

To ensure a discreet cannabis delivery experience, we deliver cannabis in unmarked vehicles, and our drivers act in a calm, professional manner.

What are your delivery hours?

We deliver weed between 10am and 10pm seven days a week.

Do you have storefront or location where I can visit to shop and purchase pot? is the shop. Please visit us online, or chat with one of our budlers!

I’m a Farmer, Driver, Maker, Shaker, Baker, Entrepreneur, Vendor! Let’s duet?

If you’re interested in doing business with, please email us at [email protected]!

more bud, please

How do I get in contact with

We can be reached from our future selves, when we’ve launched here.

what more can I learn?

There’s more to learn about bud than there is to learn about You might visit our page to see what slight truths we have teased out about this evolving plant.