Peak Cannabis Numerology Foiled?

If 4/20 is a holiday based on calendar numbering, this year is the most epic 4/20 there may ever be in human history! The whole month is also 4/20! If you write the whole date it's 4/20/2020 !

by Justin Hall · April 17, 2020

If 4/20 is a holiday based on calendar numbering, this year is the most epic 4/20 there may ever be in human history! Not only is the day 4/20, but the whole month is also 4/20! And if you write the whole thing it's 4/20/2020 which is just a lot of 20. And if you write 4/20/20, there's 20/20 vision in there. Not until 4/20/2420 might the pot party potential be this big again.

And then coronavirus emerged to reset so much of human planning.

prohibited: pot prerolls in the park with strangers

So now for 4/20/20 we aren't going to be passing joints between strangers in a park. Many of us will be staring at futures grown more uncertain than usual. Death and illness loom larger in conversation. Maybe we need a party more than ever - to see a stranger and see them smiling because they're not wearing a mask.

But we don't puff puff pass in public on 4/20 this year. Because we value the human tribe. We value our elders. We don't want to be responsible for helping infect people we love. We don't want to lose more folks than we have to.

We can be inside if we have to. And cannabis can help us abide isolation, insecurity, anxiety, and boredom.

One Sesh In

To make Monday a bit memorable for marijuana mavens, a few of our dispensary partners are promoting The Great American Sesh In - a virtual online smoke session with famous tokers. Aundre Specialé is billed as a guest, as is Tommy Chong. I plan to drop by for a spell to see what's an online sesh; I hope the audience gets a chance to meet itself.

The event runs with @TheGreatAmericanSeshIn on Twitch on 4/20 from 11am-6pm PST. Sounds like a bit of a telethon (bongathon? tokeathon? tokealong?), with proceeds will benefit Direct Relief, working to get protective gear and critical care medications to health workers on the front-lines of COVID-19.

The dispensaries are promoting The Great American Sesh In to give their dedicated audience a reason to stay home on 4/20. From the program's web site: "you are flattening the rush of patrons to your location on 4/20, and safely maintaining social distancing." Dispensaries don't want to see a long queue of people lined up for 4/20 deals when they only have curbside pickup. How strange is this time! Consider delivery for 4/20 instead of going anywhere weed-related.

delivery on 4/20 will be running safe legal delivery of fire weed and compelling cannabis products for all of 4/20, with a number of deals featured across our service - check your area. We have been busier than ever in the last month. Crews of dedicated folks work on delivery, dispatch, and dispensary operations to keep the cannabis flowing. Some of us are socially isolated in our homes. Some of us are driving to people's homes to make deliveries. We are grateful for our front line folks, who are working hard and taking precautions to protect themselves and you.

One of our early business partners told me something he liked about working in weed. He says cannabis promotes proactive empathy. Let's recognize what's happening here: we value our collective safety and health, so we're not going to see each other out in the world for this momentous moment of marijuana numerology. We are alone together. Maybe this 4/20 we connect online. Ultimately, let's remember much of the journey is inwards. Good luck, be well, have the fun you can.