Peaches: Justin Bieber's New Pre-Rolls

Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” is now not only a really catchy song, but it’s also a special edition cannabis pre-roll pack.

by Dessy Pavlova · April 01, 2022

Justin Beiber Joints

Justin Bieber Introduces New Peaches Pre-rolls

Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” is now not only a really catchy song, but it’s also a special edition cannabis pre-roll pack. The Canadian singer makes his debut in the cannabis industry with Peaches, powered exclusively by California-based cannabis brand Palms. Peaches is available at select dispensaries in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida.

This limited edition Peaches cannabis release comes in a pack of seven 0.5g pre-rolls (3.5 g per pack) and its very own lighter. Palms was co-founded by Noah Annes and Tyler Breton, and this collaboration aims to “create a brand that destigmatizes recreational cannabis consumption once and for all,” according to an announcement on the brand’s launch of Peaches.

“I get my peaches out in Georgia/ I get my weed from California.”

Palms and Bieber are excited to introduce this high-end line of indoor flower pre-rolls available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains which are projected to retail at the $50 to $60 price point. The Indica pre-roll pack of Peaches N Cream boasts a relaxing body high and diesel aroma with hints of citrus, cinnamon, and lavender. The Sativa pre-rolls, Peaches Golden Jack, provide a feeling of euphoria and creative spark to enhance your mood, bringing sweet citrus and pine flavor with tropical notes. The Hybrid pre-rolls, Peaches White Runtz, provide a mellow body buzz featuring flavor profiles of sweet fruit and cream with an earthy finish.

“I’m a fan of Palms and what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it – especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health. I wanted to make sure that I was doing something that felt genuine with them and Peaches felt like a good place to start,” said Justin Bieber in a statement to Bloomberg. The Grammy Award winner also said he wants to destigmatize the use of cannabis not only for health reasons but for recreational use as well, which aligns with Palms’ mission.

Cannabis for a Cause

In case you needed another reason to try this high-end line of pre-rolls inspired by the Bieb’s hit song, a portion of proceeds from the sales of Peaches will go towards supporting Veterans Walk and Talk and the Last Prisoners Project. Veterans Walk and Talk is a community of veterans advocating for the acceptance of cannabis and psychedelic therapy as legitimate medicine, while the Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform.

The Palms team will also be supporting Eaze’s Momentum business accelerator and Social Equity Partners Programs, which aim to build a diverse industry that addresses the War on Drugs and support small businesses becoming more profitable and sustainable in the industry.

No Peaches for the North

Unfortunately, Canadian Bieber fans won’t be smoking Peaches any time soon, as Canada’s strict regulations make celebrity endorsements legally tricky. According to Health Canada’s regulations, “Unless authorized under the Cannabis Act, it is prohibited to promote cannabis or a cannabis accessory or any service related to cannabis.” These prohibitions include advertising cannabis through any type of testimonials or endorsements, or depicting the plant or its derivatives as linked to “a way of life such as one that includes glamor, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring.”

This is one reason why other celebrities like Seth Rogen have abandoned cannabis ventures in Canada for the time being. Canadians will currently only be able to purchase other Justin Bieber Peaches merchandise such as crop tops, water bottles, and sweat pants from his Justice Tour merchandise online shop.

Although many artists from the music industry have entered into their own cannabis ventures, the names on that list are mainly rappers, with Lil Wayne and Jay-Z introducing their own brands to the market in recent years. That makes Justin Bieber the first pop star to jump into the cannabis industry, potentially paving the way for similar entertainers to follow in the future. Although stigmas of cannabis persist, Bieber’s deal with Palms and their mission to make cannabis more approachable may be a step closer to a better place–whether you’re in Georgia, Cali, or anywhere else.