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Watermelon 1:1 5mg Powder Drink Mix

Watermelon 1:1 5mg Powder Drink Mix

If you don’t have an hour for your edibles to take effect, get there 2-3X faster* with Chil Mixers™. Get your chil on in just 15-20 minutes. From water bottles, mocktails, your evening tea, or your favorite food recipes, our THC and CBD infusions deliver fun, relaxation and relief in a delicious and discreet stick pack. Our patented process involves the encapsulation of bio-actives in a way that preserves their essence and potencies. It protects the vital parts of the cannabis plant while transforming them into a form that mixes effortlessly with your favorite drink or recipe and can produce a Chil sensation in as little as 15-20 minutes*. Chil Mixers™ are where science and flavor intersect. We hope you love it! Available in three varieties: Lemon - 10mg THC Watermelon - 5mg THC: 5mg CBD Bud Naked (unflavored) - 10mg THC Each flavor comes in a single pack or 10 pack box.

Weight (g): 0.005

Cannabis Types: CBD

Product Types: Syrup And Mix

Strain: Watermelon 1:1 5mg Powder Drink Mix

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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