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Peach Creme Gelato Terp Tonic

Peach Creme Gelato Terp Tonic


Peach Créme Gelato, an Indica derived from Gelato Gas and Peach Ringz, is mentally stimulating, physically relaxing, and packed with flavor. These dense dark green and violet nugs, interwoven with amber stigmas, emit strong notes of sweet and slightly sour peach, spicy and floral undertones, and hints of diesel. Reminiscent of a summer dessert, a refreshing fruity inhale is followed by a creamy and smooth exhale. Its high begins with a euphoric cerebral lift while the body melts slowly into a deeply relaxed state. This strain's psychoactive effects, paired with its physical healing effects, will sedate both the body and mind at the end of the day, eventually lulling you into a deep and peaceful night of rest.

Peach Creme Gelato Terp Tonic beverage, 0.01g from the Maven brand offering a indica experience.

Weight (g): 0.01

Cannabis Types: Indica

Product Types: Beverage

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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