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Eucalyptus Full Spectrum Balm
High Desert Pure

Eucalyptus Full Spectrum Balm


Ever wonder why koalas look so relaxed? We love the natural, refreshing powers of eucalyptus so much, we made a balm about it! Our high potency Eucalyptus Balm packs 600 mg of CBD and THC into a portable 2 oz tin. This balm feels richer than lotion but just as smooth, providing slow absorption for long-lasting relief. Pro-tip: Try putting this balm on under your socks before bed. In the morning, your feet might just feel like the balm-diggity.

Eucalyptus Full Spectrum Balm topical balm, 0.06g from the High Desert Pure brand.

Weight (g): 0.06

Product Types: Cream

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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