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6:1 Men’s Daily Vitamin Gummies

6:1 Men’s Daily Vitamin Gummies

Our Mango Papaya Gummies are jam-packed with Cannabinoids andbeneficial vitamins and botanicals to help you find your daily balance. ReCreate gummies are now made with our brand-new proprietary cannabisblend that uses nanotechnology to provide one of the fastest, most consistent highs in town. With functional ingredients like a Superfood Vitamin Blend and Zinc, our Everyday Gummies were designed to create your new daily-wellness ritual. Product Attributes: Vegan, Gluten-free Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Per Serving: 12 mg THC Per Serving: 2 mg Functional Ingredients: SB Nano Cannabis Blend, Superfood Vitamin Blend, Zinc, Electrolytes Available In: 30 pack

Cannabis Types: CBD

Product Types: Gummy

Thc Total Mg: 60.0

Cbd Total: 360.0


THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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