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Cannabis Infused Inhaler


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Safer than vaping or smoking, and discreet enough for that visit to nana’s house, this patented cannabis inhaler offers patients and enthusiasts a whole new way to relax and enjoy that peaceful easy feeling. The inhaler format allows users to easily regulate their intake, as well as eliminating the irritation and potential respiratory damage that comes with both smoking and vaping.

With no paraphernalia, no messy cleanup, and no odor, the cannabis inhaler gives new flexibility to enthusiasts everywhere, and all with a shake of the wrist and the press of a button. Take a deep breath.

Measured Pleasure – Unlike smoking or vaping, the metered dose cannabis inhaler delivers a consistent 5mg dose of THC with every puff. The aerosolized THC is fast-acting and offers a consistent duration, and above all is as easy to use as any inhaler.

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