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Former Star NFL Running Back Says He Smoked Weed Before Games

Le'Veon Bell wasnt just smoking opposing linebackers back in his heyday. The former Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets running back, recently admitted to smoking herb before games in an appearance on the "Steel Here" podcast. “Looking back on th

By Rowan Nathan · June 05, 2023


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10 Inspiring Leaders in Cannabis

Before the cannabis industry, there was the cannabis community, and the community was built on the backs of doctors, medical cannabis patients, and the activists that supported their fight for alternative medicine.

Cannabis Across Borders: The Big List of Cannabis Conferences

No matter where you are in the US, Canada, or the world, there are cannabis industry events to help you network, gain insights, and accelerate traction in the cannabis market near you.

Hide the Pot: Why Grow Houses Still Skirt Rules

It can ruin a business and hurt investors– so why is it happening?

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Cannabis Capital: The Effects of the Banking Crisis

The cannabis industry suffers from lack of capital as a risky investment, as underground brands continue to thrive

Cannabis News

Germany scales back legalization?

Germany will legalize weed, with more restrictions than expected.

Cannabis News

SF’s Outside Lands Confirms Return of Cannabis-Centric Grass Lands for 2023

Celebrating its 15th annual installment, the three-day Golden Gate Park music festival will once again offer a place where ticketholders can go to buy buds and toke in peace.

Cannabis News

Kentucky Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Law

Green bud is now available to medically qualified residents of the Bluegrass state.

Cannabis News

Oklahoma’s Cannabis Legalization Failure: The Why and How

Oklahoma’s recreational cannabis ballot failed, but if we look at the details, it’s not surprising why.

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