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Premium Hemp Cigarettes Multi-Pack GRN PRPL ORNG

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The best tasting, all-natural, 100% biodegradable hemp cigarettes in a Multi-Pack.

LVL Hemp cigarettes are made exclusively with premium California (greenhouse grown) smokable hemp flower, bred for unique terpene profiles available in:

GRN Piney- Pine cones, pine branches, and earthy
ORNG Citrus – Citrus, lemon, orange, and lime
PRPL Fruity – Grape, strawberry, and mango

Guaranteed THC below 0.3% for legal hemp sales.

Wrapped in hemp paper and using a hemp fiber filter, LVL hemp is 100% all natural with no artificial flavors. All our hemp flower is lab-tested.

LVL Hemp is made with proprietary technology adopted from the cannabis industry, allowing us to process sticky, flavorful flower in its glorious intended form, preserving the rich flavor and aroma of our generationally crafted strains while staying under the legal limit of THC.

We never spray or infuse our flower with additives.
Just great tasting Cannabis without the THC.
A great option for social smokers, light cannabis users, and those looking for a good-tasting, nicotine-free, tobacco alternative.

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