The Best Los Angeles Weed Delivery

Author: Buddy Ali · Categories: Local · Tags: Weed Delivery · Published: 20 Jan 2021

LA loves weed.  And LA loves delivery. The mecca of global entertainment business, and trendsetting TV, movies, and music.  All of which played a special role in casting cannabis as villain initially then driving the transformation of weed's image in America.  Los Angeles is also home to the largest legal cannabis market in California..and the Country, which began with pre-ICO medical dispensaries open since the late 90s.  Weed delivery in LA has helped fuel artists, who've in turn driven pop culture and affected society's view toward present-day matters.

And lets not forget to thank our lucky stars that we live in California- one of the few recreational states that have cannabis delivery.

Roots; LA, Rap, and Weed

Although Hip Hop started in the projects of New York in the mid to late 70s, It was Dr. Dre's iconic 'the Chronic' album, that put weed on front street and firmly planted Ganja into the center of Hip Hop's creative essence.

Although previously Dre previously uttered the infamous verse "I dont smoke or weed or.....cuz its known to give a brother bran damage..and brain damage on the mic dont manage nothin..but making a sucker and you equal- dont be another sequel- express yourself' NWA's hit Express Yourself, his debut album- The Chronic, forever married weed and rap.   And there were actually a quite a bit of sequels.  Dre's former protege Snoop Dogg, from Long Beach took the torch and ran with the weed flag.  Snoop is now an international figure the worlds best known dank smoker, purveyor of weed, cannabis investor, and hip hop cultural icon.

Weed + Delivery + Hollywood Vibes = West Hollywood Weed Delivery

So it makes that Los Angeles residents consume more 'legal' cannabis than any region in the world.  Weed delivery in Los Angeles, has big a thing for over 20 years.  But thats not surprising.  Los Angeles is vast.  And delivery has been a proven favorite for Los Angelinos..just refer to the Pink Dot.  West Hollywood's legendary delivery business brings everything from booze and beer to cigarettes and toilet paper, to LA's thirsty and constipated, for decades.  Does Pink Dot offer, weed delivery in West Hollywood? Unfortunately not..but bud.com has partnered with Ktown Collective to bring weed to those in need.

Of course bud.com also provides weed delivery in Hollywood , for residents..and tourists visiting the Walk of Stars, which are also well represented with icons tied to cannabis culture.  Too many to note- Bob Marley and Cypress Hill stand out.

Beverly Hills and Westwood; Best Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery

Of course the artist and actors take center stage to promote weed in LA.  But producers, entrainment executive, and trendsetters facilitate an propagate the cultural trends. Beverly Hills is famously home to progressive producers and movie execs to who fund and facilitate cannabis culture.  We like to think weed delivery in Beverly Hills (along with presumably vodka and cocaine) has contributed to some of the maverick decisions to fund canna-culture steeped music and movies.  Even movies movies about weed delivery!

And who watches movies about weed delivery?  Students living on the outskirts of Hollywood- in Westwood at UCLA.  The same students utilizing weed delivery in Westwood.  Yes USC is known for its film school, but UCLA is California's largest public university and home to a massive population of in-the-know, Instagram-active young adults.  Influencers we dare say.  In skinny jeans.  And these dabbing and gummy consuming, college students proliferate trends and culture to the rest of the country.  All from Westwood via Hollywood, enabled by Beverly Hills.

Smoke a joint and think on it.