Colorado Weed Delivery Goes Legal in 2021

Most Consider California as the center cannabis culture, however history will show Colorado as the pioneering State to be the first to legalize recreational cannabis in the United States.

by Bud Media Team · March 16, 2021

Colorado State Highway 291, photo by Jeffrey Beall|Colorado State Highway 291, photo by Jeffrey Beall

Most Consider California as the center cannabis culture, however history will show Colorado as the pioneering State to be the first to legalize recreational cannabis in the United States. In 2012 Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 to enable adult use cannabis sales. However, a big omission in the original legal operating framework was only recently addressed, paving the way for legal weed delivery in Colorado to finally launch in 2021.

The State set forth a licensing process for cultivating cannabis, manufacturing infused products, and in-store retail to set the stage for adult use dispensaries throughout the State. The historic initiative launched on Jan 1, 2014.

In 2019, House Bill 1234 finally outlined regulations around medical delivery which launched in 2020. In 2021 the same law set in motion recreational weed delivery, finally allowing consumers in the Rocky Mountain region to have cannabis delivered to their doors.

Congrats to Colorado residents as their state joins the other states which offer legal cannabis delivery.

Aurora Weed Delivery Now Available

The Aurora City Council gave preliminary approval, by an 8-2 vote, to cannabis delivery in Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, clearing the way for deliveries of marijuana to begin in early 2021.

Nearly 400,000 residents, at least the ones 21 or older, are now able to tap on a phone screen and order cannabis edibles and marijuana flower for delivery to their doorstep — weed delivery in Aurora has arrived.

That makes Aurora weed delivery the first major city in Colorado where consumers can place an order for recreational weed from their couch and wait for it to arrive in the comfort of their homes.

“Delivery is needed particularly because of the pandemic,” said Aurora Councilwoman Alison Coombs, who supported the measure. “Folks are having to stay safely in their homes.”

Denver Weed Delivery

Colorado is known for mountains, forests, a freedom-loving spirit, and weed. However there is no denying Denver is a unique metropolitan city, with all the big city perks (and annoyances). There's also no doubt weed delivery is coming to Denver, a top tier 'major league' city, home to Franchises in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Weed delivery in Denver should serve to galvanize the community and bring a Championship to a State who last saw a world Championship in 2016, when Payton Manning, Von Miller and the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

For those who aren't fans of professional sports, its important to note the Broncos play their home games at Mile High Stadium. We think it's because of its' location situated in the thin air of the Rockies. However there are conspiracy theories abound, crediting the name to time travelers alluding to Colorado becoming the first State to legalize adult use pot. We dispute this theory.

But there's no disputing that Denver weed delivery will propel the city's sports fans, to in turn propel their beloved teams to reach new heights.

Boulder and Fort Collins Weed Delivery

Colorado is also home to several colleges and universities, including the two largest in the State- the University of Colorado in Boulder and Colorado State in Fort Collins. Higher education is of course aligned with the concept of utilizing technology to leverage efficiencies in obtaining ones marihuana. So naturally, direct to consumer cannabis is in demand within these bastions of creativity. No need to waste time driving, instead keep hitting the 'books', and lean on weed delivery in Fort Collins and Boulder. And remember edibles to sleep

Both universities have strong sports programs and renowned as exceptional party schools- and that was prior to weed delivery in Boulder or Fort Collins weed delivery becoming legal. Epic status will now be achieved in these legendary college towns.

Weed Delivery Aspen and Colorado Springs

Of course Colorado is also home to world class skiing. Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride are all amazing mountains and world renowned destinations. However Aspen and Colorado Springs are especially revered.

In the case of Aspen, it's not only for their slopes. Aspen is known as the most expensive ski town in America. Where the rich and famous shred and cavort. And don't get it twisted, weed delivery in Aspen is must-have mountain chic. In the summer, cannabis delivery is a great complement or precursor to festivals and scenic hikes.

The most challenging mountain to ski in Colorado? That would be Colorado Springs. Home to U.S. Ski Team. Although there are many amazing and challenging mountains for skiers and snowboarders throughout the U.S., Colorado Springs is perhaps the most challenging. When going online to order weed delivery in Colorado Springs, remember to throw some cannabis topical cream in your cart- you'll need some soothing, localized pain relief after an intense ski or board session.

Edibles, Pre-rolls, and Vapes Delivered in Colorado

Remember, legal cannabis delivery includes more than flower. For discrete and on-the-go needs both thc and cbd vapes and live resin carts are available for delivery. For fast uptake with a punch, pre-rolls and infused joints will heighten your mile high. And of course enjoy edibles of all sorts including gummy delivery with products for all dietary restrictions or AM or PM use.

So yeah Colorado...all the compliance-tested products you've loved since 2014 will finally be available via delivery and a few clicks on your mobile device.