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CBD: Cannabidiol

You may have heard CBD, or cannabidiol, is some kind of “healthy” version of weed. Actually, it’s a chemical compound within the cannabis plant—the other primary compound being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). We have an article answering the question what is CBD; here’s a summary: while THC is the compound responsible for making you feel “high,” CBD is non-psychoactive; its effects mostly have to do with relaxing your body and alleviating pain. CBD has also been known to help with anxiety, chronic pain, sleep, and a bunch of other physical and mental stuff that a person might want some help with.

We ship these high CBD hemp, low or no-THC products across the United States from our partner Hemp Shop. Hemp Shop has a range of gummies, tinctures, sprays, capsules, soft gels, creams, topical ointments. There has been a flowering of exploration of products from this plant, and Hemp Shop works only with vendors who test their products in laboratories.

After the passage of the 2019 US Farm Bill with provisions for hemp, “cannabis plants and derivatives that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis are no longer controlled substances under federal law.” (from the US Food & Drug Administration). So this means Hemp Shop free free to ship CBD hemp goods to many more places than bud.com can deliver THC.

Or we have a partner shop BuyCBDHempCigarettes.com focusing specifically on CBD hemp cigarettes, hempettes, hemp prerolls, and all the smokable CBD flower products we can track down:


Still there is something special about cannabis products that can have more than .3% THC to mix with CBD. Here we sort through our THC delivery catalog to we find CBD mixed with other strains and effects of THC-oriented cannabis:

listed above from most exciting at the top to most mellow & oriented around relief at the bottom.

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