Cannabis Delivery and COVID19 Coronavirus Quarantine

During this outbreak of Spring 2020 we wanted to explain how is handling home delivery of cannabis in this pandemic quarantine for SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, named “coronavirus disease 2019” (COVID-19).

by Bud Media Team · May 21, 2020

At delivery, we serve people out in the world, in their homes. During this outbreak of Spring 2020 we wanted to explain how is handling home delivery of cannabis in this pandemic quarantine for SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, named “coronavirus disease 2019” (COVID-19).

Safe delivery steps we take in cannabis delivery during COVID19 coronavirus quarantine

State cannabis regulations mandate that we deliver the package to an adult over 21, so unfortunately we can't leave cannabis on the doorstep. Our drivers keep a respectful distance, and keep hand-sanitizer in their cars for use between calls. When they come to work and between deliveries we encourage our team to wash their hands and wear gloves.

Our delivery team members stay home if they are sick. Sick drivers can mean a late delivery, or closing early; better safe than sorry. We apologize for any service interruptions. We are hiring cannabis delivery drivers to meet demand.

We have been mindful of germs from the beginning since we serve immunocompromised customers. Ultimately any contact with the outside world carries risks; we work to minimize our potential to spread illness.

Cannabis: like medicine + groceries

As our society decides how to function during a pandemic, we could run a social experiment: trap folks indoors for weeks without access to weed. It's possible that governments could order the closure of all "non-vital" businesses. Early in the spread of the pandemic, Italy ordered a closure to all businesses except groceries and drug stores. Would that kind of order effect cannabis businesses? We would argue cannabis is a bit of both grocery and pharmacy. Some people rely on cannabis as medicine to treat conditions and manage chronic pain. These patients should not unduly expose themselves to germs leaving the house to get medical marijuana. Other people will turn to alcohol from the market, drinking at home to blur the boredom. Too much isolated booze consumption can have sad side effects. We hope can provide a safe way for home-bound people to get access to lab-tested medical and recreational cannabis.

Assuming our supply chain members can stay healthy, we aim to continue weed delivery in the weeks ahead as the streets and businesses grow more quiet. Our team is already virtual. All of us live close with older folks and we are concerned to protect them from undue exposure.

In this unexpected time, too many businesses will close. We love our local restaurants, clubs, theaters, dance studios, coffee shops, bars - they're going to take a huge hit in the spring 2020. It's going to upend a lot of lives. We hope our supply chains can stay healthy so we can serve during a rough time. We all need to aggressively support those people and communities impacted, if there are mass closures.

We have definitely noticed an uptick in requests: more people are ordering residential cannabis delivery during the day. It's a bit like the weekend didn't end on Monday 9 March, the orders just kept coming in. Perhaps cannabis use can alleviate the side effects of being trapped inside for days and weeks. Perhaps we want sleep aids because there appears to be more to worry about. Perhaps we'll take on indoor calisthenics and need something to take the ache off. Rest assured our shelves are stocked and we are able to keep up with demand and deliver cannabis products safely and mindfully during this very weird time.

At, we work to have a healthy company that can serve lab-tested products to people who want to remain healthy. We wish good luck and good health to all of us. Thanks to Sandra Garcia from The New York Times who gave us a chance to speak to these issues in her April 10 article "Staying Safe While Delivering Weed in the Pandemic".