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Enjoy bud.com’s tightly curated selection of weed cartridges and vape pens from trusted Brands. Our line runs from value buys to limited editions. Whether looking for a head change or exploring the upper echelons of potency, try our THC & CBD carts, pods, live rosin carts, and disposable weed vapes. We deliver popular weed vape hardware formats like the Stiiizy, Pax Era, Dosist, Zeus, PlugPlay, DART, AiroPro, Gio, G Pen, GKUA and 710 Labs.

Cannabis Cartridges FAQs

Are legal vape carts safe?

Lung injury has been traced to cannabis vape cartridges and disposable weed pen vapes using “thickeners”, such as Vitamin E oil (tocopheryl-acetate), traced to mostly black market products not purchased from licensed dispensaries. Weed carts and pods using 100% cannabis oil or live resin without any additives or thickeners have not been linked to lung injury or disease or “popcorn lung”.

Will CBD vapes get me high?

CBD Vapes containing no THC or very low ratio of THC to CBD eg 30-1 will not get you high, but may help you relax or feel less anxious.

Can I use my weed vape battery with different brands’ pods/carts?

Standard 510 thread cannabis carts from different brands generally all use the same battery. However PAX, Stiiizy and other proprietary weed vape hardware only work with their matching custom pods, so for example you cannot mix-and-match Stiiizy pods with a PAX vape pod battery. For best results, try pairing a vape cart brand with the same brand of vape cart battery. To avoid frustration, contact bud.com’s local customer support team during delivery hours with any product questions.

THC: 43.42% 1g
1:1 Juicy Melon
THC: 87.46% 1g
King Louis XIII
THC: 86.36% 1g
King Louis OG
THC: 83% 1g
THC: 92.58% 0.5g
Premium Jack
THC: 86.68% 1g
Blue Dream
THC: 89.34% 1g
Sour Diesel
THC: 87.52% 0.5g
Skywalker OG
THC: 87.84% 1g
Premium Jack
THC: 83.32% 0.5g
White Runtz
THC: 87.52% 0.5g
King Louis XIII OG
THC: 85.75% 0.5g
Sour Diesel
THC: 90.19% 1g
OG Kush
THC: 88.24% 0.5g
Purple Punch Pod
THC: 85.85% 0.5g
King Louis XIII
THC: 90.17% 1g
THC: 86.48% 0.5g
THC: 81.56% 0.5g
Granddaddy Purp Pod
THC: 89.45% 1g
White Raspberry
THC: 88.03% 0.5g
White Raspberry
THC: 39.09% 1g
1:1 Mango
THC: 17.21% 0.5g
Sleep 200 Dose POD
THC: 89.5% 0.5g
King Louis XIII
THC: 91.5% 0.5g
Maui Waui
THC: 89.4% 0.5g
Lava Cake