Bud launches delivery and pickup in San Diego

We've partnered with the southern most dispensary selling weed in California to launch delivery and pickup in San Diego.

by Bud Media Team · September 22, 2021

Tijuana San Diego Bud Cannabis Delivery|Tijuana San Diego Bud Cannabis Delivery

When we looked to expand South we went all the way. We've partnered with the southern most dispensary selling weed in California to launch delivery and pickup in San Diego.  A Green Alternative™ was the first legal dispensary in San Diego starting medical service on March 20, 2015. Today AGA is a marijuana dispensary with the mission of creating a professional and safe atmosphere for purchasing lab-tested cannabis products. We're stoked to launch bud in San Diego with AGA.

Weed delivery and dispensary pickup in San Diego

Located at 2335 Roll Drive, San Diego, AGA is also the closest dispensary to the US-Mexico border, something AGA embraces.  Several AGA employees actually reside in Tijuana, Baja California, and there's a daily flow of folks buying green bud, vapes and edibles, then heading home to Mexico.  We LOVE the irony of weed going into Mexico from the US, after decades of 'brick' weed coming into the US courtesy of our neighbors to the south.

Green > Brown

Beyond the comical irony, the fact that citizens of Mexico have been educated on and seen evidence of 'legal' weed being superior to 'cartel' weed, is a microcosm of the changing attitude toward cannabis. It is further proof that the quality and safety of compliant California cannabis products deliver a better experience and normalized comfort than ultra-accessible, and much cheeper Mexican weed.  A Green Alternative is exactly that- a place to get quality green bud at great prices.  Because if its brown..we ain't down.  Apparently thats a thing in Mexico too.

Make a run for the border

Please go to bud.com to check out our San Diego weed delivery menu and punch your address to see the aggressively priced menu and huge product selection.  And remember, when hitting the border to spend the day or weekend in TJ or Rosa Rita Beach, AGA is the last green oasis you'll see before crossing.  With proper planning, one could order weed online, and pickup all the lighters, rolling paper, and other accessories (wait..did we forget something?) needed for a successful weekend in Baja California.  Grab the fuego and get your party on.

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