Best Strains To Help Alleviate Migraines and Headaches

Migraines and headaches are no joke. They can turn a normal day into absolute misery. That’s why we’ve lined up a list of some of the best marijuana strains to help alleviate the pain.

by Cael Brown · August 22, 2023

Ouch - can headaches be helped by cannabis?

Not only are migraines unfortunately common, they can be really painful. While there are medicines known for helping with migraines and headaches, many are known for having unpleasant side effects.

Whether you're looking for relief from your migraine so you can keep going about your day, or on the hunt for delicious terpenes that’ll leave you with sweet, pain-free dreams, this list is for you.

Girl Scout Cookies

Also known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain that you can expect to soothe whatever stress you might be feeling. It’s a very calming yet slightly energizing strain that will leave you calm, giggly, and happy. If you’re having an off day but need a push to keep going, Girl Scout Cookies might just be the best strain you could choose.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple, which you can also find sold as GDP, is a legendary calming indica strain. However, be warned: GDP is an incredibly potent heavy hitter. This beautiful purple strain is best used when your only plans are relaxation and rest. You can expect to feel euphoria and relaxation easing into your body and mind. Plan to have some of your favorite snacks on hand, as GDP will leave you hungry and locked to the couch. Perfect for those who are dealing with migraines, insomnia, physical pain, and muscle spasms.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a premium hybrid strain that’s well-known in the marijuana community. The most prominent terpene in OG Kush is myrcene. Myrcene helps this dank strain achieve a more earthy flavor profile as well as a skunky aroma. Its ability to mitigate stress is bar none. The perfect bud to help alleviate stress and put a cap on the end of your day.

Northern Lights

If you’re having a high-pain migraine day due to, Northern Lights is one of your best options. It’ll leave you absolutely relaxed and devoid of all stress, pain, and anxiety. However, beware that this strain is a heavy hitter. It’ll definitely put you to sleep if you have a little too much, though if your migraines are really bad then that might be a bonus. It’ll definitely help you sleep through the discomfort.

Purple Punch

Another very calming strain, Purple Punch is a cross between two legendary strains with heavy sedative effects, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. If you’ve been having sleepless nights or dealing with a lot of unmanageable pain, the effects of Purple Punch could prove highly beneficial to helping to achieve a more relaxed lifestyle cushioned in comfort. This heavy hitter will knock you out, so it's perfect if you’ve been fighting insomnia and need a great night's rest. Purple Punch will exterminate every worry you have and help soothe you mentally and physically.


Just like its name indicates, this strain gives off a sweet blueberry smell and taste. The effects of Blueberry are just as amazing as its aroma. With this colorful indica, you can expect to quickly feel relaxed as the euphoria takes over. It’s a great night to strain to help with pain, stress, and anxiety. Perfect for overcoming the discomfort of migraines.


If you’re trying to numb migraine pain and still have a wonderfully pleasant day, Gelato will make you absolutely giddy and gleeful. It’s a tasty hybrid strain with very balanced effects that will leave you absolutely delighted, like a kid without a worry in the world. This high-quality strain is perfect for fatigue and pain. It’ll help you feel relaxed while keeping you productive and mentally stimulated.

Bubble Gum

If you’d like a sweet strain that lives by its name, you’ll love Bubble Gum. This indica dominant hybrid is another great strain for killing pain. Especially if you’re also suffering from ailments other than migraines, such as chronic pain or depression, this strain might be the best choice for you. Bubble Gum is a great strain for those looking for relief throughout the day. It’ll help ease whatever pain you’re feeling, while still leaving you alert. You can expect a nice calming head high and a relaxed day when enjoying Bubble Gum.

If you find yourself in pain or discomfort from migraines and headaches, don’t let yourself suffer. Regardless of whether you need help sleeping through it or relief while you try to go about your day, there are many strains out there that can help you find comfort. This list is a great place to start on your journey to comfort and relaxation.