12 Best Hemp Cigarettes to Try in 2020

It’s 2020, somehow you’re still alive and smoking and you’re looking to get your hands on some quality hemp cigarettes. 

You’ve come to the right place. In this article I’ll be covering the best hemp cigarettes you can order online right now, in the future, maybe even ever. 

I’ll also answer any lingering questions you might have about hemp cigarettes – what they are, what to expect, and how to select a flavor profile you will absolutely love. 

What are Hemp Cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes are cigarettes made from hemp as opposed to tobacco. The hemp plant is a strain of cannabis without significant quantities of THC, the main active compound in Marijuana. Hemp cigarettes do contain CBD (Cannabidiol) another compound in cannabis that is popular for its therapeutic effects

Today you can purchase a wide range of great products that contain CBD oil or CBD isolate. 

Popular CBD products include: CBD edibles, CBD vapes, CBD creams and topicals. 

Yet one of the most popular methods for ingesting CBD is still smokable, CBD flower – and very often that takes the form of hemp cigarettes.

Regardless of why you’re choosing to smoke hemp cigarettes, you still have to decide which brand is the best for you.

These products were selected based on taste, quality and our team’s experience enjoying these premium CBD products.

Let’s dive in.

1. Daydreamer Hemp Cigarettes from Lucy’s Prerolls

A hemp cigarette that gets everything right, the Daydreamer from Lucy’s Prerolls take first place on this list. 

The hemp is sourced from generations of carefully bred cannabis of the highest quality. The smooth cigarette paper expertly machine rolled with all-natural, biodegradable premium hemp paper. Even the filter is highly sophisticated and yields a perfect pull that burns slow and steady with minimal effort.  

Unlike other brands, Lucy’s CBD hemp is not sprayed with additives. Everything you’re smoking is the natural cannabis flower with all the additional blend of beneficial cannabinoids. Since it is hemp flower, these CBD cigarettes are under the legal limit of THC and can be purchased legally throughout the USA.

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2. PRPL Fruity Hemp Cigarettes from LVL

Coming in at number two are these deliciously fruity  PRPL hemp cigarettes from LVL. The flavor profile here is among the best you’re going to find for hemp cigarettes. 

These cigarettes taste exactly like some top-shelf marijuana I’ve smoked. While these certainly left me feeling relaxed, I didn’t have to worry about getting launched into orbit by a THC rocket. 

Grape and strawberry blend, with hints of mango peeking through the haze. The experience of smoking these was almost tropical. These cigarettes are perfect if you want a relaxing CBD experience and a rich, sweet taste and aroma. Many hemp cigarettes can burn unevenly but these burned with a steady, uniform ember that was near perfect. I highly recommend these CBD cigarettes.

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3. 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky Straight-Hemp-Cigarettes

Bhang based these Kentucky Blue Sky Straight Hemp Cigarettes on the marijuana strain Blue Dream. Blue Dream is an incredibly popular and award-winning stain of cannabis. Fans of Blue Dream praise its cool, almost sugary taste and a sweet, pleasant aroma. 

Sativa dominant Blue Dream is a personal favorite cannabis strain so I had to try these hemp cigarettes on the flavor profile alone. I was not disappointed. These hemp cigarettes are an all-around enjoyable smoking experience. From the taste of the flower to the fine, uniform paper, you couldn’t ask for a better CBD cigarette.

Blue Dream is often enjoyed for its calming, mellow effects.  These CBD Blue Sky Straights are a great choice if you’re looking for CBD hemp to treat anxiety or to simply just relax. All the effects of the 100+ cannabinoids are still being researched,  and although these contain no psychoactive compounds I still felt a bodily calm while smoking them. 

The quality of the roll is also impressive. These are no different than traditional straight cigarettes. Professionally rolled and tightly packed they smoke perfectly and taste great.

Buy 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky Hemp Cigarette Pack

Buy 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky Hemp Cigarette Carton

4. Menthol Rolls from Pure American Hemp 

These menthol-flavored hemp cigarettes from American Hemp are a top choice for menthol fans. Pure American Hemp has crafted a distinctive blend of quality cannabis blended with cool, minty flavor. All of the CBD flowers are organically grown on family farms here in the United States. Each pack contains 20, all-natural, King Sized 100mm hemp cigarettes.

A great option for social smokers or those looking to avoid tobacco products. These are also loaded with CBD so you will be pleasantly surprised by the smoking experience. While the menthol taste is distinctly familiar, the CBD rich hemp will be a calming, enjoyable sensation for those new to hemp cigarettes. 

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5. Mota GDP Straights Hemp Cigarette Pack from Bhang

Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time, so it’s hard to go wrong with these GDP hemp cigarettes. You can’t miss the rich, berry flavor of GDP in this specially bred hemp flower. Bhang has really raised the bar here in terms of hemp flower. The CBD content is high and the taste is fantastic.  

This is nothing like the industrial hemp cigarettes of the past. These have the taste and aroma of a top-shelf cannabis strain and it’s wonderful

THC and nicotine-free but distinctly Grand Daddy Purp, these hemp cigarettes are perfect for cannabis connoisseurs and amateurs alike. 

Buy Mota GDP Hemp Cigarette Pack

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6. Emerald Full-Spectrum Hemp Pre-roll Cigarette from Toast CBD Products

Toast CBD uses the highest quality full-spectrum CBD in these Emerald hemp cigarettes. Full Spectrum CBD contains the full entourage effect of cannabinoids existing in the natural hemp flower. CBD, CBG, and CBC all combine to give the user a range of effects. When I tried these I felt a pleasant, calming sensation throughout my body and very clear-headed.

The CBD flower is clearly of excellent quality as well. Its aroma is rich and earthy, and the roll is professional and straight. These hemp cigarettes are available in 3 different sizes: 2/pack, 5/pack, and 10/pack all ready for legal online order. 

Buy Emerald Full-Spectrum Hemp Cigarette

7. Premium GRN Piney Hemp Cigarettes Pack

The scent of Sierra Mountain pine trees wafts from these aromatic and GRN Piney Hemp Cigarettes. LVL has made another top-notch product to go along with their citrus, and grape flavored CBD cannabis prerolls. I preferred the aroma of the GR Piney the most out of all three. The pine scent is subtle and doesn’t overwhelm the nostrils. 

There’s also an almost nutty dankness to the finely ground hemp flower.  I smoked this with my morning coffee and was quite pleased with the interchange of tastes. I recommend this hemp cigarette with coffee or tea, preferably on a porch somewhere warm.

Buy Premium GRN Piney Hemp Cigarettes

8. Premium ORNG Citrus Hemp Cigarettes Pack

Find sweet orange accents in this CBD-heavy ORNG Hemp Cigarette. Completing the trifecta from LVL, this citrus rich cannabis is an absolute joy to smoke. The flavor profile is refreshing and the cigarette is tightly packed and clean. 

After smoking these I felt surprisingly calm. These paired great with a Belgian Ale I had with my lunch. While CBD won’t give you the munchies, many people do find it can help relieve nausea. A crisp citrusy strain like this would be an ideal candidate to freshen and sooth your body. 

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9. Premium CBD Hemp Cigarettes Multi-Pack GRN PRPL ORNG  

Try all 3 hemp cigarettes from LVL and choose your favorite in this premium multipack. LVL hemp cigarettes are grown using generationally bred, all natural california cannabis. LVL lab tests all their hemp to ensure the consumer is getting a measured dose of CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids.  The cigarette paper burns eveningly and the hemp filters are engineered to give you a smooth, smoking experience that is also highly flavorful. 

This multi-pack contains

  • GRN Piney- Pine cones, pine branches, and earthy
  • ORNG Citrus – Citrus, lemon, orange, and lime
  • PRPL Fruity – Grape, strawberry, and mango

All of these hemp cigarettes have a THC content below 0.3% for legal hemp sales.

Buy Premium CBD Hemp Cigarettes Multi-Pack  

10. ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Cigarette Pack

Another great Menthol hemp cigarette is the ERB Durban Menthol Straight. Made from CBD flower cultivated here in the USA, these hemp cigarettes are highly enjoyable. Packed with CBD and delicious, cool mint flavor these are a great choice for any menthol fan. 

Completely tobacco free these are an excellent nicotine-free smokable alternative to traditional cigarettes. The menthol brings a familiar Spring-fresh blast combining wonderfully with the taste of high-quality cannabis.

Each ERB Durban Menthol Straight contains 25+ mg of CBD. They are available in packs and cartons for easy online order. 

Buy ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Cigarette Pack

Buy ERB  Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Cigarette Carton

11. Filtered Hemp Cigarettes – Kingsize Pack

These King Sized hemp cigarettes are organically grown by small farmers in the heart of Oregon. The outdoor, sunn-baked hemp flower burns hot and zesty in these hemp cigarettes. In either Clove or Lemon Haze, these are some of my favorite tasting hemp cigarettes on this list. 

1606 Original Hemp Pre-rolled Cigarettes are a testament to that legacy refinement in American family farms, Generations of growers have produced a rich, natural hemp flavor that is both classic and totally fresh. These straights burn with slow, orange ember that last a long while. I was also impressed that each has a specific QR code that can be scanned to quickly access the third-party lab test results. 

Buy Filtered Hemp Cigarette – Kingsize Pack

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12. Original Straight Hemp Cigarettes

Pure American Hemp sticks with a classic with this Original hemp cigarette. This is top-shelf THC free cannabis done right. These straight prerolls are richly flavored and easy to smoke. A great choice for anyone – whether you’re new to hemp cigarettes or you’ve tried every product on this list, you can’t go wrong with Original. 

If you’re used to tobacco cigarettes these are a great alternative. The hemp flower is high quality and rich with naturally occurring. terpennes. Last but not least is really true here as these are some of the best CBD cigarettes around.

Each pack contains 20 All-Natural King Size 100mm hemp cigarettes.

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A New Kind of Hemp Cigarette

There are certainly plenty of excellent products to choose from, but whatever you choose I’m sure you’ll find a product that you love. In terms of quality, the CBD hemp being produced today is the best it’s ever been. There has never been a better time to try hemp cigarettes. 

The Hemp cigarette business has made huge strides in just the last couple years. Not that long ago it seemed like all you could find were those loose, conical prerolls, usually made of flowers that looked like it was swept off the floor. 

Not anymore.

Today’s hemp cigarettes are refined, tested, products that have been professionally manufactured. At a glance, you might be hard-pressed to tell them apart from a comparable tobacco cigarette such as American Spirits. 

For the health-conscious smoker hemp cigarettes are a great alternative to both tobacco and marijuana.

With CBD cigarettes you can enjoy the rich tastes and aromas of high-quality cannabis flowers with the peace of mind that you won’t be getting high as a kite. Smoking hemp is also an effective way to ingest and experience the effects of CBD. 

Personally, my favorite thing about smoking cigarettes is the activity of “social smoking”. With CBD hemp cigarettes you can still smoke socially. This is great news for anyone looking to avoid tobacco products. In fact, some research has shown CBD as a potential method of treating nicotine addiction. 

But if smoking is a concern for you, there are always plenty of other CBD products available. Check out a selection of CBD edibles, CBD topicals , or CBD tinctures and sprays