12 Best CBD Prerolls to Order Online

I have something to get off my chest. It’s a bit hard to admit it but I don’t always enjoy smoking weed.

by Bud Media Team · August 31, 2021

Best CBD Prerolled Joints

I have something to get off my chest. It’s a bit hard to admit it but I don’t always enjoy smoking weed.

Sure I enjoy the act of smoking, but sometimes I just don’t want to be high.

Sometimes I don't want to spend the afternoon terrified there’s a whole skeleton inside of me, or become irrationally fixated on the idea of a sushi burrito, or stare at my dog for let's face it, way too long.

Sometimes, I just want to relax.

I still enjoy smoking though, that's always nice.

Luckily, there’s a product that is exactly what I need sometimes: CBD Prerolls.

What Are CBD Prerolls?

CBD prerolls are individually packaged smokables made from hemp flowers. Unlike marijuana, CBD hemp flower is non-psychoactive and does not doesn't contain THC – so if you're looking to get a strong TH high, I suggest you browse marijuana products on bud.com.

That being said, CBD can have a calm, relaxing effect that is quite pleasant.

The hemp plant has many uses and there are thousands of CBD products, but today let's stick with prerolls.

CBD prerolls are an excellent choice for people who:

  • Savor the taste of quality cannabis
  • Enjoy social smoking but are looking for a healthy tobacco alternative.
  • Appreciate the effects and benefits of smoking CBD
  • Just want to relax without getting high as a kite.

These products were selected based on taste, quality and our team’s experience enjoying these premium CBD products.

All of these products are FDA approved and totally legal in the United States.

Let’s dive in.

1. Daydreamer All-Natural Hemp Prerolls 7 Pack

Grin with confidence when you try these fantastic Daydreamer CBD Prerolls from Lucy’s Prerolls. Bold flavor meets top-shelf cannabis in these perfectly balanced hemp cigarettes.

Lucy’s are made with proprietary technology adopted from top players in the cannabis industry. They’ve sourced their CBD hemp flower from some of the most delicious and aromatic strains in California achieving a flavor profile on par with the best cannabis you can find.

Unlike some brands, Lucy’s CBD flower isn't sprayed with additives.

In fact, even the paper they’re wrapped in is 100% natural, biodegradable hemp paper. They also lab-test all their CBD oil to ensure a high-quality product with a unique blend of terpenes.

Buy Daydreamer All-Natural Hemp Prerolls

2. Premium PRPL Fruity Hemp Cigarettes Pack

Treat meets Treatment in these deliciously fruity PRPL hemp CBD prerolls from LVL. If you’re looking for something with that fruity, kush type taste, these prerolls are for you. Grape fuses with hints of mango and strawberry yielding a tropical flavor profile that can’t be beaten.

These are also loaded with CBD so you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits and effects that come with smoking high-quality, all-natural hemp flowers. Whether you’re here for the taste, the effects, or a bit of both, these are the perfect balance of flavor and quality.

Buy Premium PRPL Fruity CBD Prerolls

3. 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky Straights CBD Pre-Roll Pack

I’m a big fan of the Sativa-hybrid marijuana strain Blue Dream, so when I learned that Bhang based the terpene profile of these hemp prerolls on Blue Dream I had to try them. I was not disappointed – you can’t miss the taste of Blue Dream.

I was also very impressed by the quality of the roll.

This is not your standard cone-shaped preroll often found at B-rate dispensaries. In terms of tightness, these look and feel exactly like traditional straight cigarettes. They even smoke a lot like a tobacco cigarette, the difference is these CBD hemp pre rolls are 100% tobacco-free.

If you’re looking to stock up these are also available by the carton.

Buy 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky CBD Pre-Roll Pack

Buy 1914Kentucky Blue Sky Straights CBD Pre-roll Carton

4. Menthol CBD Prerolls from Pure American Hemp

Looking for the familiar taste of Menthol? Avoiding tobacco? These menthol-flavored CBD prerolls are just the ticket. For the price of a pack of cigarettes, you get 20 all-natural CBD prerolls in the form of King Sized 100mm cigarettes.

It can be tricky when making a crossover product but Pure American Hemp did a great job here. These prerolls are professionally manufactured to be uniform and tight. All of the hemp flowers are organically grown and hand-selected from US family farms.

Buy Menthol CBD Prerolls

5. Mota GDP Straights CBD Prerolls from Bhang

Talk about Bhang for your buck.

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur you most likely know what GDP stands for: Grand Daddy Purple.

GDP is one of the classic, long-standing favorites across the board. The distinctive berry flavor instantly brings back great memories.

While these prerolls are THC and tobacco-free the delicious taste of Grand Daddy Purp is unmistakable. A wave of nostalgia washed over me when I first tried these. 10/10.

Buy Mota GDP Straights CBD Prerolls

Buy Mota GDP Straights CBD Pre-roll Carton

6. Emerald Full-Spectrum CBD Prerolls from Toast CBD Products

Hats off to Toast for going above and beyond to deliver a super high-quality product.

Toast Emerald CBD Prerolls are made from Full-Spectrum CBD hemp flowers. Toast Emerald is triple-tested above standards and contains an Entourage Effect of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, and CBC giving the consumer a truly unique and full-body experience.

In terms of a balance between taste and quality you can’t get much better than this. I found myself feeling pleasant and relaxed after smoking these delightful CBD prerolls.

You can purchase Toast Emerald CBD Pre rolls in a package that comes with two, five or ten prerolls.

Buy Emerald Full-Spectrum CBD Prerolls

7. Premium GRN Piney CBD Pre-Roll Pack

I grew up in the Sierra Mountains and pine is one of my favorite smells. The GRN Piney CBD Prerolls certainly keep me happy.

These CBD-rich Prerolls have a unique earthy flavor that I absolutely love. Each time I try a different hemp cigarette from LVL I notice something else about them that I really like.

I was really impressed with the quality of the filters on these GRN Pineys. These are clearly professionally manufactured hemp filters as the smoking experience was smooth and mellow but full of rich pine flavor.

Buy Premium GRN Piney CBD Preroll

8. Premium ORNG Citrus CBD Preroll Pack

Reward yourself with these smooth yet zesty citrus-flavored pre-rolled CBD cigarettes from LVL. Like the two other flavors from LVL on this list, the ORG citrus flavor is exquisite. There is honestly nothing about this preroll I didn’t enjoy.

LVL CBD hemp joints are made exclusively with premium California smokable hemp flower, bred for unique terpene profiles. You get the benefits of CBD as well as dozens of other naturally occurring cannabinoids.

After smoking this citrus CBD preroll I felt calm, yet also surprisingly energized. This is a great option for social smokers and flavor fans alike.

Buy Premium ORNG Citrus CBD Prerolls

9. Premium CBD Preroll Multi-Pack GRN, PRPL, ORNG

Variety is the spice of life. Get all 3 varieties of CBD flower prerolls from LVL hemp and compare for yourself. Perfect for experienced CBD smokers and amateurs alike, there’s something for everyone in this awesome multipack.

This multi-pack contains:

  • GRN Piney- Pine cones, pine branches, and earthy
  • ORNG Citrus – Citrus, lemon, orange, and lime
  • PRPL Fruity – Grape, strawberry, and mango

All LVL CBD prerolls are guaranteed THC below 0.3% for legal hemp sales. Whether you’re in it for the effects, the flavor, or just want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you won't be disappointed with this selection of top-shelf CBD prerolls.

Buy Premium CBD Preroll Multi-pack

10. ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Pre-Roll Pack

For a taste that’s fresh as Springtime try these ERB Durban Menthol Straight CBD Prerolls.

Made from 100% American grown hemp flower buds, these are convenient and ready to smoke. The hemp flower is loaded with high-quality CBD oil.

A natural alternative to traditional cigarettes, each straight contains 25+ mg of CBD. These are a great option for social smokers or those interested in the calming effects of CBD.

Interested in stocking up ? No problem, ERB Durban Menthols are also available by the carton.

Buy ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Prerolls

Buy ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Pre-Roll Carton

11. Filtered Pre-Roll – Kingsize Pack

I really appreciate knowing that the products I buy are supporting really people in local communities right here in America. 1606 Original Hemp Pre-rolled Cigarettes are made with all-natural CBD hemp flowers that are hand-selected and organically grown by small family farms in Oregon.

I’m not saying you can literally taste the love in these but you can certainly taste the quality.

Packs even have a batch-specific QR code that can be scanned to quickly access the third-party lab test results.

I really appreciate the mixture of traditional farming methods paired with scientific product testing in these prerolls. If you want to support small farmers and get a quality, tested product that tastes great, these are for you.

Buy Filtered CBD Pre-Roll – Kingsize Pack

Buy Filtered CBD Pre-Roll Carton

12. Straight Prerolls – Original

Keep it simple with these original prerolls from Pure American Hemp. Bold flavor wrapped in all natural hemp paper makes a perfect hemp cigarette. Last but certainly not least on this list these prerolls are the perfect flavor blend of all-natural pure hemp, with subtle hints of rich ness full of robust possibility. It’s hard to go wrong with these 100% nicotine and tobacco free CBD prerolls.

Each pack contains 20 All-Natural King Size 100mm CBD Prerolls. These are perfect for social smoking, or anxiety relief.

They taste great, they look great, and they smoke great. Last but certainly not least, I highly recommend this product.

Buy Original Straight CBD Prerolls

A New Kind of CBD Preroll

Whether you’re a CBD connoisseur or just starting out, there’s something for you out there. In just the last few years there have been enormous improvements in both taste and quality of consumable hemp.

Today’s CBD pre rolls are high-quality, lab- tested products that have undergone extensive iterative improvements. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the quality of these CBD prerolls. There’s truly never been a better time try smoking CBD cannabis.

If you’re interested in CBD products other than smokables you have no shortage of options. Check out our selection of CBD edibles, CBD topicals , or CBD tinctures and sprays.

If however you're interested in pre-rolls that get you high, check out our Best pre-rolls of 2022 list. There, you can find the best delta-9 THC prerolls sold in dispensaries, and top delta-9 joints available online.