Belushi’s Farm: A vision of nature and healing in harmony

Actor and musician Jim Belushi has turned his creative attention and energy to the healing potential of cannabis.

by Paul Iacampo · October 07, 2021


Actor and musician Jim Belushi has turned his creative attention and energy to the healing potential of cannabis.

Belushi’s Farm

Founded in 2015 in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Belushi’s Farm cultivates high quality cannabis and develops all-natural CBD products for physical and spiritual wellness. Every plant is naturally sungrown and carefully tended and tested. Jim is proud to share his passion for nature and holistic health with a variety of products to suit a long list of health and wellness needs, from CBD treats for dogs to meticulously crafted cannabis for their owners.

Check out Jim’s K-9ine full spectrum CBD tincture for dogs, browse the tantalizing variety of cannabis cultivars offered by Belushi’s Secret Stash, and indulge in the same sweet smoke that swirled through the halls of 30 Rockelfeller and billowed around the cast of Saturday Night Live in the days of the Blues Brothers and the Coneheads with Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica.

Jim believes in the potential of the cannabis plant to improve overall well-being, help patients cope with a number of health conditions, and enhance everything from one’s own creativity and spirituality to the appreciation of food art. Belushi’s Farm brings Jim’s vision of healing and happiness to life.

Belushi’s Brands

Belushi’s Secret Stash offers a balanced selection of premium cannabis strains available in dispensaries in Oregon for medical and recreational patients. Carefully chosen to cover a wide range of cannabinoid profiles, terpenes and experiences, strains include some of Jim’s favorites like Nilla Wafer and the famous Cherry Pie, along with tried and true classics like pre-98 Bubba Kush and trendy stars like Limoncello and Snowman Cookies.

Captain Jack and the Garden of Afghanica

Captain Jack is a guerrilla grower and an icon in the cannabis industry. Discovering a cultivar of exceptional flavor and potency growing near the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, Jack brought the strain home to Mendocino California and began growing it in small guerilla gardens in the woods and forests around the state. Fate would eventually lead him to befriending the cast of Saturday Night Live, and his regular visits would always come with “gifts.”

Belushi’s Farm is also proud to work with Captain Jack and offer his famous Gulzar Afghanica, or “Garden of Afghanica,'' in a vape pen. A landrace strain that Jack has kept pretty much the same since the 70’s when he brought its seeds home from Afghanistan, Gulzar, Afghanica is a rare example of a strain that has not been crossbred into oblivion and has remained true to its genetic roots through keeping careful track of its parent plants through continuous grows. Captain Jack’s myrcene rich vape pen cartridge won 3rd place in the vape pen category of the Cannabis Cup Oregon – and with good reason!

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