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Bay 11 Live Resin Sauce


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Beezle Sauce is made exclusively using live resin processes, where whole plants are quickly frozen and processed at extremely cold temperatures. This cold extraction process allows us to capture the aroma and flavor of a plant at peak ripeness and preserve all the precious compounds all the way to the final jarring. We would love to let you into the garden to breathe in the aroma of living cannabis plants, but we hope that our live sauce is the physical representation of that experience.

Intended for dabbing, live sauce is a loose mixture of small THCA crystals and an oil layer composed of terpenes, flavonoids, as well as approximately 50% cannabinoids. Together, these two layers become “sauce”, which provides for a deeply flavorful dab that still comes in at around 70% THCA. Sauce also allows you to customize your dabbing experience a bit, taking more crystal or sauce onto the dabber depending on your preference.

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Bay 11

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