The House Collection

Grown Locally in Oakland, The House Collection, affectionately know as THC, has all the classic strains that are not to be forgotten. Their Classic Trainwreck cut is the last of a breed. Also in the line up, Classic Purps, Old Amsterdam, Pincher's Creek, and OG Legend. Old school.

THC: 17.39% 3.5g
Classic Purps 8th
THC: 17.07% 0.7g
Trainwreck single
THC: 17.07% 3.5g
Trainwreck 5 pack
THC: 18.74% 3.5g
Pincher's Creek 8th
THC: 18.74% 0.7g
Pincher's Creek
THC: 17.39% 0.7g
Classic Purps single
THC: 18.74% 3.5g
Pinchers Creek 5 pack
THC: 17.39% 3.5g
Classic Purps 5 pack
THC: 20% 3.5g
OG Legend 5 pack
THC: 17.39% 7g
Classic Purps
THC: 18.74% 7g
Pinchers Creek