Henry's Original

Grown in the cannabis hub that is Mendocino County, Henry’s Originals is a family-run business known for valuing the unique climates that transform good flower into truly superb flower. Those who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know they value the farm’s surrounding environment as much as they value the end product.

Mendocino County is known for its cannabis heritage and rebellious spirit. For generations, Henry’s Original has cultivated in the hills and valleys of Mendocino County. The results: the finest cannabis grown under the strictest of standards. Our products proudly represent the quality and spirit of those who came before us and paved this road.

In the 60s and 70s, hundreds of freedom seekers flocked to the Emerald Triangle to pursue a life closer to nature. A life of simplicity and harmony with their environment that reflected their beliefs. We know them as the Originals. Henry is a representation of these pioneers who took us under their wing, inspired us deeply and continue to be the muse for everything we do today.

Henry’s Original is proud to cultivate cannabis in small batches, using sustainable and organically based methods to grow premium, clean green certified flower on seven proprietary farms in Mendocino County.

Clean Green Certified is a program based on existing national and international agricultural standards, to certify cannabis that is cultivated using sustainable, natural and organic practices. Henry’s Original is one of only a few cultivators to earn this certification in California, due to the rigorous requirements and testing standards.

THC: 18.76% 3.5g
Lemon Jack
THC: 20.25% 3.5g
THC: 22.74% 3.5g
Spyrock OG
THC: 22.02% 3.5g
Blackberry Sour
THC: 23.21% 1g
Original Haze
THC: 16.2% 1g
Kushberry 1g Preroll
THC: 28.18% 3.5g
THC: 17.2% 3.5g
Banana Kush
THC: 22.24% 3.5g
Flo White 3.5g
THC: 21.04% 3.5g
Maui Wowie
THC: 19.54% 14g
Original Haze
THC: 26.2% 0.5g
MAC 1 4 Pack
THC: 26.68% 0.5g
True OG 4 Pack
THC: 21% 0.5g
Maui Wowie 4 Pack
THC: 24.21% 14g
MAC OG 14g
THC: 27.3% 1g
Granddaddy Purple
THC: 24.64% 3.5g
Orange Creamsicle
THC: 18.5% 1g
Super Sour Haze
THC: 18.73% 2g
Purple Sage 4 Pack
THC: 20% 0.5g
Moonwalker OG 4 Pack
THC: 20.98% 3.5g
Urkle Wreck
THC: 21.37% 3.5g
Birthday Cake
THC: 22.1% 1g
Ice Cream Cake
THC: 21.32% 2g
4-pk Granddaddy Purple
THC: 1.71% 1g
Coast 2:1
THC: 25.97% 1g
Blackberry Sour
THC: 11.9% 2g
4-pk Afgooey
THC: 21.16% 3.5g
Wedding Cake
THC: 25.69% 3.5g
Mendocino Nights 3.5g
THC: 18.8% 1g
Afgooey 1g Preroll
THC: 22.3% 1g
Spyrock pre roll
THC: 17.65% 3.5g
Chocolate Hashberry
THC: 20.08% 3.5g
THC: 14.8% 1g
THC: 22.07% 3.5g
True OG
THC: 22.2% 1g
Blue Dream
THC: 23.2% 1g
Northern Lights
THC: 20.33% 2g
Blue Dream 4 Pack
THC: 25.2% 1g
Sour Amneisa
THC: 18% 3.5g
Blue Dream
THC: 16.5% 2g
Acapulco Gold 4 Pack