A San Francisco Tourist's Guide to Weed Delivery

Navigating the remarkable number of pot shops operating throughout San Francisco may prove daunting, however. If so, a legal cannabis delivery service in San Francisco might be more practical for certain tourists.

by Oscar Pascual · January 22, 2020

Visiting a new city can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. Finding a decent place to eat can be frustrating, much less trying to find safe, legal cannabis for adults.

Hopefully, this discussion can aid in making the best decision for your traveling needs.

Travelers should also make note that all cannabis products should be consumed while in state. Weed is still illegal in federal spaces and in certain states without reformed laws.

San Francisco Cannabis delivery: A convenient option for hotel guests

Navigating the remarkable number of pot shops operating throughout San Francisco may prove daunting, however. If so, a legal cannabis delivery service in San Francisco might be more practical for certain tourists.

These services normally house reliable staff, curating a lineup of the finest cannabis brands and products.

They also provide cannabis delivery to hotels located throughout the city, as long as customers provide a valid government ID.

Instead of searching for "weed delivery near me," visit an online service like bud.com. They're known to deliver the best cannabis products to all neighborhoods in SF, and now including LA weed delivery.

Marijuana Tourism in San Francisco

San Francisco and weed have a special connection. Like clam chowder and sour dough, the two are synonymous! Formerly home to hippies in the 60s, San Francisco is now known as one of the most progressive cities on the planet. San Francisco is also home to the first medical cannabis dispensaries in the US, starting with prop 215 which allowed for compassionate care collectives to open as medical-only dispensaries starting in 1996.

Weed delivery to San Francisco neighborhoods

San Francisco's eclectic neighborhoods are jewels. We recommend getting lost and running into amazing finds. Russian Hill, Polk Street, Ocean Beach (formerly home to Playland, the funhouse, and Sutro Baths) are fun places to walk, and are steeped in culture. There are also popular attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, the counterculture of Haight Street, and the SOMA district nightlife, and the SF Zoo. Something for all interests..including cannabis enthusiasts.

But one of the best reasons to visit the City by the Bay is the plethora of legal cannabis dispensaries. Many pot shops are open to out-of-state visitors. Adults 21 and over should plan to indulge in California’s recreational market.

If you can make it into a dispensary or dont want to deal with long lines, bud.com delivers to all neighborhoods within San Francisco, including- Richmond, Sunset, SOMA, FIDI, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Marina, Embarcadero, Crocker Amazon, Haight, Mission, Tenderloin, Lone Mountain, Castro, Twin Peaks, Bernal Heights, Silver Terrace, and others.

Cannabis delivery is available throughout the Bay Area

A weed delivery service can reduce time and effort that could be better used to adventure throughout the Bay Area.

Sports fans can visit the new Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the world champion Golden State Warriors.

Don't forget to experience one of the most technologically advanced NFL stadiums and new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Located in Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium is a hot destination.

Marijuana delivery in Marin County

For those who would rather experience the beauty of nature, weed delivery in Marin is also available. Afterwards, go wander off into breathtaking conservation areas and campgrounds that will undoubtedly reconnect hikers to the environment. Whether you are staying in woodsy area close to nature, or in one of Marin's larger cities, we got you. Bud offer same day and scheduled service for; Sausalito, San Rafael weed delivery, Novato weed delivery, Mill Valley weed delivery, Larkspur weed delivery

Weed delivery near SFO and San Francisco Peninsula

Don’t worry if you can’t make it back to San Francisco before dark. Many services offer weed delivery in San Mateo and SFO Hotels located on the Peninsula, which sits between the City, and Silicon Valley. There are no dispensaries in major peninsula cities, however bud.com offers a huge selection of products to order online. On-demand and scheduled service is offered in the following Peninsula cities; San Mateo, Millbrae weed delivery, Burlingame weed delivery, Redwood City weed delivery, Belmont weed delivery, South San Francisco weed delivery, and Daly City weed delivery.

Order hemp-derived CBD direct to your hotel door

Want to wind down before heading home? Services dedicated to hemp-derived CBD can deliver a variety of products.

Reduce the stress of traveling with a relaxing bath bomb, or by snacking on some organic edibles.