5 Things to Know About California’s Cheapest Weed

Cannabis legalization brings a multitude of benefits states that decides to reform their laws. One such benefit is a considerable drop in price.

by Oscar Pascual · March 31, 2021

Cannabis legalization brings a multitude of benefits states that decides to reform their laws. One such benefit is a considerable drop in price. There has been a lot of recent discussion around California's cheapest cannabis.

California is just recently emerging from their Black Market era, which carried prices as high as $60-80 for an ⅛ of an ounce. The market is now finally seeing lower prices than ever before.


The passage of Proposition 64’s legalization of adult recreational use has dropped prices immensely. This is because both affordable and high-end brands are now grown under strict regulations.

Those regulations allow companies to sell cannabis at ultra-competitive prices with hardly any dip in quality. In fact, some of the finest economy brands can be found in dispensaries and online weed delivery services, ranging anywhere from $12 to $25 for an ⅛.

All California cannabis products must pass quality checks put in place by California regulations. This means cannabis users looking for cheaper alternatives should should be excited about this regulation.

Here’s 5 things you should know about purchasing California's cheapest cannabis.

Cheaper cannabis is still quality cannabis

Despite the affordable price points, all cannabis products have to pass the same rigorous standards required from California’s regulations. In fact, the Loyal Flower brand offers well-known strains testing over 20 percent THC, at an affordable price of $22.99.

Good cheap weed

Cannabis cultivation can get a bit overwhelming with myriad designer strains releasing constantly. The folks at Old Pal, however, want to match their affordability with a straight-forward menu of three varieties -- Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid -- all of which come at a steal of $15 per ⅛. Old Pal is the top selling cannabis flower brand in California.

Indoor 'smalls' are great cheap weed

Pot smokers always love huge, dank nugs, but when it comes down to it, popcorn nugs are just as effective. The brand Farmer’s Market provides a line of strains exclusively using 'Smalls', or 'B buds' which provides high-quality cannabis at a reasonable price starting at $25 per ⅛, by reducing the bag appeal of fat colas.

Mericanna, the cheapest pre-rolls in California

One product that cant even be found cheaper in the black market is the Mericanna pre-rolls. Lab tested, sun grown and greenhouse flower for between $3-$4 per preroll. A half gram indica, sativa, or hybrid prerolls that absolutely does the trick.

You can get cheap weed delivery

Getting a good price on brand-name cannabis is now just as easy as entering your local recreational shop. But if that doesn’t work, legal pot consumers can always search bud.com for exceptional deals.