420 Cannabis Product Round Up

It’s almost 420 and it’s best that you know how to celebrate in style – whether you’re partial to specific cultivars, product types, or cannabinoids, we’ve got you covered in a variety of categories.

by Joint Effort · April 18, 2023

420 Cannabis Product Round Up

It’s almost 420 and it’s best that you know how to celebrate in style – whether you’re partial to specific cultivars, product types, or cannabinoids, we’ve got you covered in a variety of categories. Get ready for April 20 with these dynamite brands and products, whatever your choice for achieving your perfect high.


The Ten Co’s Zushi cultivars are all the hype. Classified by colors, these Zkittlez x Kush Mints blends are popular for a reason; Yellow and Blue Zushi are both well smoked despite their higher price point – quality costs. The latest release, Pink Zushi, hits even harder and this smoking legend is spreading past the California borders. The Ten Co teamed up with renown brand Cookies and rapper Coi Leray to release Pink Zushi, another highly regarded strain of the same high quality. Available in 3.5g and 1.5G pre-rolls, this new release packs a punch as hard as their multi-platinum celebrity partner. Coi is a clear part of this cannabis collaboration, having promoted the new strain for months before hitting shelves earlier this year.

PRODUCTS: Flower STATE(S): California, New York

Big Pete’s

California's original cannabis cookie, Big Pete's is a family business run out of Santa Cruz since 1979. Using high-quality cannabis-infused butter, each of the 10+ varieties of cookies are scrumptious, and available in 10 packs or individually packed. Big Pete just released a new cookie in March 2023–just in time for 4/20. The Sleepytime CBN cookies are chocolate chip flavored, infused with cannabutter containing 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per cookie. Like the other flavors, it’s available in lower dose 10 packs and will soon be available in high dosage 100mg singles.

PRODUCTS: Edibles, specifically cookies and canna butter STATE(S): California

Coastal Sun

Coastal Sun stands on the notion of providing safe, clean and planet-friendly flower and pre-rolls. Known for their high-THC, flavorful cultivars, that’s not their only claim to fame; the Coastal Sun farm in Santa Cruz was the first to achieve USDA Organic, OCal, and EnvirOganic certifications. Now offering organic pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls as well as their hand-picked flower, Coastal Sun has made celebrating 420 in California an easy and flavorful experience.

PRODUCTS: Flower, Pre-rolls STATE(S): California


Kanha makes gummies to ‘add a little joy’ to your cannabis experience in some fantastic flavors. Noted as the first fast-acting cannabis gummy (avg 5-15 mins onset), the company uses nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles “smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate” for their nano-series of gummies. They’ve expanded their line to include Live Resin gummies from a Blue Banana cultivar as well as fully vegan options. Their feature flavor is the 2:1 CBG:THC Harmony Restore—each 30mg gummy is made from real fruit, all-natural ingredients and are infused with cannabis derived terpenes for more wholesome effects.

PRODUCTS: Gummies STATE(S): California, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Canada,


Jim Belushi's Farm in Rogue River was “created as a gateway to healing,” born out of a deep respect for the cannabis plant’s abilities. All of Belushi’s cannabis are rigorously tested for a premium experience and can be enjoyed in flower or concentrate form through Belushi’s signature brands. With Captain Jack's for example, cannabis enthusiasts and history buffs alike can experience “the smell of SNL”-the same intoxicating aroma of the jealously protected cultivar Gulzar Afghanica that wafted through the halls backstage at 30 Rockefeller decades ago. Sample classics like pre-98 Bubba and Jim’s personal favorites Cherry Pie and Nilla Wafers, along with a variety of other flavorful, high-quality strains.

PRODUCTS: Different product offerings by state including flower, brickhash, pre-rolls, and infused ice cream STATE(S): Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania.


Former Heisman Trophy Winner and star running back Ricky Williams has long been known for his use of medical cannabis, an outspoken supporter of its therapeutic benefits for athletes who are training or in recovering from injury. With Highsman cannabis and apparel, Ricky Williams continues his mission to bring cannabis’ benefits to athletes and cannabis enthusiasts alike. Offering three unique categories of premium cannabis cultivars specifically selected to fit your needs throughout the day, Highsman aims to keep you as your winning best. Pre-Game, or sativa-based strains, provide mental alertness and motivation, while Half-Time offers hybrids to keep a balance between easing anxiety and staying focused. Post-Game indicas aid in rest and recovery. Check out Highsman’s newest collaboration with Ball Family Farms–a hand-crafted, living-soil gem christened “RIcky”, a brand-new, premium quality strain of high potency and intense terpenes now available in the Higsman all-star lineup.

PRODUCTS: Flower, Accessories, Apparel STATE(S): California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington

Trap University

Trapping in the business when cannabis was illegal was a risky, fast-paced, competitive enterprise. But while it operated beyond the law, important lessons were learned in the hustle that, translated over to the legal industry, would be key to giving customers the best possible cannabis experience and gaining an edge over the competition. Trap University brings those lessons learned in the game to the legal market, delivering the highest quality small batch cannabis available. Trap University is composed of “OG artists” with years of experience and a passion for premium, exotic strains, and flavorful, potent extracts. Already one of the most recognizable brands thanks to their finely crafted vaporizers and clever packaging, Trap University continues to teach the legal cannabis world the right way to do it, as only OGs in the business can. Check out their newly available Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 and other cannabinoids products where available, as well as their new 2g live resin disposable vapes.“OG artists” that are passionate about delivering the highest quality and the richest flavors of the smallest batch, and picked cannabis.

PRODUCTS: Vaporizers, Flower, Pre-roll, edibles (gummies), merch STATE(S): California, and will be available soon in Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, and Michigan

Backpack Boyz

The Backpack Boyz have quickly become one of the most famous players in the California cannabis industry, delivering exotic strains with stunning visuals and delicious flavors in colorful, eye-popping packaging. Since 2017, when the company began as a collective of cultivators and distributors of premium flower and concentrates in the Bay Area, Backpack Boyz has been expanding into a cannabis lifestyle brand that celebrates the identity and spirit of its local cannabis culture. Backpack Boyz strains are carefully crafted to please even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur, and its visually striking packs are delivered through mail-order so the whole process of buying quality cannabis is convenient and discreet. If you want to dress the part for 4/20, check out their wide range of tees, shorts, hoodies and accessories, and rep Cali cannabis in style.

PRODUCTS: Flower and apparel STATE(S): California

Garden Society

Garden Society is not your average cannabis company, merely focusing on achieving the highest possible potency and out-selling its competitor. Its mission is first and foremost to break the stigma of cannabis use, with a specific focus on women. The idea is to redefine the cannabis experience by first understanding the complexities and challenges of a woman’s day-to-day life, and then crafting cannabis products that can offer aid, enjoyment, and relief. Garden Society offers flower, pre-rolls, hash-infused pre-rolls, gummies and chocolates — a product for every taste and every mood and situation. Garden Society Wine Country Gummies, which come in four unique flavors according to different wine varieties, blend the sophisticated nuances of your favorite wines with candy sweetness and 5 mg of rapid onset THC and CBD to bring you a truly unique and gratifying experience. Garde Society pre-rolls always contain full flower and are available in different sizes to suit your needs. With high quality, sustainable ingredients and strain-specific, premium cannabis, Garden Society invites you to reimagine what cannabis can do for you.

PRODUCTS: Flower, Pre-rolls, Edibles STATE(S): California


Cannabis cultivator and connoisseur Shant Damirdjian goes by Fidel these days, and the name is resonating ever louder in the industry’s pre-roll space. Since his Hash Holes hit the market in 2021, the ‘donut joint’ has become a favorite for enthusiasts. Originally known for their whole flower, Fidel's stormed the pre-roll market with their hash holes, joints of premium flower rolled around an inner tube of terpene-rich rosin. Fidel’s original Hash Holes contain 2.5 grams of high-quality flower and 1g of hash rosin, while the mini version contains 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 g of rosin. What results is a unique, potent puff that floors even the most seasoned smokers. Fidel’s also offers a selection of exotic buds, seeds, rosin pens, and hash rosins.

PRODUCTS: Hash hole pre-rolls, flower, seeds, rosin pens, hash rosins STATE(S): California

Loud garden gummies with mushrooms

Loud Garden is watching the trends, and with the growing push to legalize psilocybin for its therapeutic benefits now that cannabis prohibition is waning, there is renewed interest in all types of mushrooms and their capacity to heal, restore, and improve well-being. Loud Garden paid attention, and introduced their hemp-derived gummies infused with Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC and a blend of Reishi, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps mushrooms for a totally unique cannabis experience.

PRODUCTS: Gummies STATE(S): US except Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah

Happy daze d9 gummies

Happy Daze leaves no cannabinoids out of the party this 4/20 offering a variety of Delta-9 as well as Delta-8 and CBN infused gummies with exciting flavors. Delta-9 gummies are stronger, and pack more of a punch – if a higher high is your goal, these Delta-9 gummies are the perfect choice. Both vegan and gluten free, these gummies contain 10mg of hemp-derived delta-9 distillate per gummy, and are third-party lab tested to prove their potency and safety profile. Available in 100mg-200mg bags, featuring sour apple and assorted flavours, these gummies are designed for the mellow stoner that wants to indulge a bit.

PRODUCTS: Gummies STATE(S): US except Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah

Oozies Prerolls

Oozies is a company that creates pre-rolls composed of high-quality flowers and delta-8 wax. The reusable tin contains 4 joints, 0.5g per joint. The beauty of the 0.5g joints is they are small enough that one can have a fresh joint each time they smoke as opposed to re-lighting a previously burnt joint – making it easy to smoke alone or with a few friends. The cultivars include cult-favorites like Sour Diesel and OG Kush – Oozies recommends pacing yourself considering the high potency of their strains. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 4/20.

PRODUCTS: Infused Pre-rolls STATE(S): US except Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah

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