bud.com Visits 4/20 Around the Bay 2018

We inhaled at a range of Bay Area, Northern California 4/20 holiday events in 2018.

by Justin Hall · April 23, 2018

Northern California's Bay Area is the home of the modern medical cannabis movement, and now a hotbed of recreational cannabis activity. Since bud.com, our weed delivery service, was bred and spread in the Bay Area, we took in some local events around the 4/20 holiday in 2018. Here's some of what we saw:

420 Events Lineup

First off, we attended Designers + Geeks: High X Design on 4/19, a series of presentations on cannabis product design hosted at Yelp headquarters. It felt quite legitimate, and the guests were nice and didn't vape indoors where they could be seen vaping.

from left to right,
- Kristina Phillips of Frog Design, sharing this research PDF: Crossing the Cannabis Chasm
- Betsy Filson
- Kristen Winzent
- Tina Hardison, cannabis product designer who worked with brands including Triple Junction, Pax and Humboldt Legends
- Libby Cooper, who recently left a major cannabis delivery service as their Creative Director

For 4/20 our writer decided to start with some Triple Junction Sativa cannabis flower - blood orange tangie to be precise. Uplifting for the daytime.

Large brands affiliated themselves with the 420 holiday; here's a combined advertising campaign from a ride-hailing service Lyft & SuperTroopers 2 a Hollywood release.

Cannabis Celebrations in the Haight

Early in the afternoon on 4/20 we headed to the annual gathering at "Hippy Hill" in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, appropriately situated at the end of Haight Street.

"Adult Probation" officers were strolling Haight Street during the 4/20 afternoon - the writer's first time seeing those uniforms at a public gathering in the city.

A "Get Cash Here!!!" machine sits next to a booth proffering OFFICIAL MERCH at a large public 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.

He was telling folks about how hard he worked to sneak all this food-for-sale into the event.

Informal vending: someone sells cannabis products from their backpack at 4/20 in Golden Gate Park.

A legal cannabis delivery service pays an airplane to fly around the 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park: the banner trailing behind the airplane had three different URLs on it.

This device entitled "Heavy Hitter" would allow someone to take hits from 4 vape pens at the same time. Wow that's a lot of weed.

Four drones hover over the crowd, above the smoke and below the fog - just after 4:20 at Hippy Hill, a large public 4/20 celebration in Sharon Meadow / Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. Drones were expressly banned from the event, along with unlicensed vending.

Happy smoke rises into the sun above a smokey grove in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, shortly after 4:20pm on 4/20.

The band Mangobus plays a session on Haight Street as a pair of BEST BUDS walk by.

Hippy Hill was officially emptied by pleading hosts and cold winds. As the crowd dispersed, we caught a bus to a train to West Oakland, to a 4/20 house party.

West Oakland Cannabis Celebration

Visiting a house party in Oakland - cakes for the birthday girl. The 4 2 0 cakes were cannabis infused, the dollar bill cakes were magic-free.

All around the bay, we saw people loving, sharing, selling, and experimenting with cannabis. Good luck to all of us, in this new legal era!