Is for sale?

Hi, my name is Justin Hall.  I registered in 1994 because I was a fan of cannabis and I liked the short domain name.  I’ve used it for a range of projects over the years. A few times a month, I get an email asking “is for sale?” so here’s a page to answer that question!

As a 3-letter domain of an actual word, I believe is a valuable domain. As a potential online home for a business in the emergent legal cannabis industry, I believe is a valuable domain. sold in November 2011 for $4.2 million dollars. So I’d like to believe that is worth seven figures. If you agree with me and you want to talk about buying, please contact

But instead of selling one short awesome domain to one person or firm, I’d like to see if I can share with many people. Maybe can serve many cannabis communities, and maybe we can realize the potential of this domain together.  Whatever happens to, I want to ensure that it promotes healthy pleasure, plant harmony and social justice.