Is for sale?

Hi, my name is Justin Hall.  I registered in 1994 because I was a fan of cannabis and I liked the short domain name.  I’ve used it for a range of projects over the years. A few times a month, I get an email asking “is for sale?” so here’s a page to answer that question!

As a 3-letter domain of an actual word, I believe is a valuable domain. As a potential online home for a business in the emergent legal cannabis industry, I believe is a valuable domain. sold in November 2011 for $4.2 million dollars. So I’d like to believe that is worth at least seven figures.

That’s a lot of money to pay for a domain up front; especially for a startup. So rather than selling, I’m more excited about licensing to someone in exchange for a stake in a growing cannabis business.

If you want to talk about using for a new business idea, please contact

Whatever happens to, I hope to ensure that it promotes healthy pleasure, plant harmony and social justice.