Finances is a free host and incubator for online experiments around cannabis.  If you create something here, and that generates revenue, we ask a small portion to keep growing.

At, we believe that as weed becomes legal it should lower the social costs of incarceration, reduce the friction and hassle for people looking to casually imbibe and increase the literacy and quality of our relationship to a powerful plant. We hope cannabis legalization could expand economic opportunity: rather than attempting  to own a large chunk of a imbalanced market, we believe all kinds of people can share a healthy, open market.

So our financial goals are primarily driven by our core values: promote cannabis literacy, social justice and plant harmony, with a fourth goal: sustain a creative lifestyle for people who participate in creating value at  That starts by working to cover the cost of the server, at $15 a month means non-zero income. So in the near term we’re looking to make at least a little bit of money, as we share the potential of this domain.

We did some research and discovered that it’s illegal to ship cannabis via the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. So we can’t support people who advertise “weed for sale” without respecting local regulations. We want to see this plant available to people without the risk of running afoul of the law.

You’ll notice there aren’t advertisements on  We’ve experimented with cannabis advertising in the past; we don’t want to earn 5¢ by sending you somewhere else. We want our first dollars to be delivered by people get value directly from whatever we offer.

Still there are many opportunities to legally connect and exchange as the laws evolve. At, we are working now to develop a transparent organizational and financial model to support our values and goals as we expand to include more diverse participants and ideas.

As grows, let’s be transparent about the expenses and income for this project. Here’s a link to the finances spreadsheet, and a preview here below:

See how you might want to get involved!

If we ever make any money from this thing, we look forward to giving a percentage to charities, non-profits and political action groups aligned with our values.