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To keep ourselves focused and help make decisions, we stay focused on our core values at

  • legal, safe, healthy access to cannabis, a medicinal and recreational substance
  • social justice to keep human potential from being squandered in jail
  • increased literacy and respect around a powerful plant

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Currently this page helps us see what algorithmic advertisements show up when we talk about our values.

Here’s an Adzone from Cannabis advertising provider Adistry:

Plus we’ve incorporated a unit from Google AdSense.

So far an incognito surfing session yielded advertisements for various sorts of cannabis entrepreneurs:

How fascinating!  If we make any money from this tiny, localized advertising experiment, it will show up in our Finances.

We use a different synonym for cannabis sativa in these statements, to widen the range of slang synonyms people might look up, besides just straight short bud: will be successful in 10 years if:

  • people have access to safe, predictable, productive quantities of pot at a reasonable cost
  • no one in the United States is imprisoned for charges of possession and distribution of reasonable amounts of weed
  • a literate cannabis culture of health, creativity and human connective thrives
  • marijuana replaces alcohol as America’s favorite mood lifter and social lubricant

Let us know if you have some way to help make that happen!