welcome to bud.com

For twenty years, bud.com has been a free host and incubator for online experiments, some related to cannabis. Now you can get your own spot on bud.com or get excited about these projects below:

bud.com projects:

  • talk.bud.com: high ideas
  • Highbrow: cannabis culture & science.
  • free.bud.com: a free weed-sharing app
  • jobs.bud.com: cannabis careers
  • books.bud.com: cannabis-related eBooks distribution
  • indignant.bud.com: a service to share verified outrageous stories of injustice around US cannabis laws
  • elvis.enjoys.bud.com: a service for people to out themselves on social networks as weed users
  • your thing?

you @ bud.com

With drugs and money the stakes get high quickly and it’s hard to build trust. So we believe transparency can help us develop a good working relationship: you can read about what we’re learning, our finances, our terms of service, or get involved!

We have been seen in #bud.com on Freenode IRC.

bud.com will be successful in 10 years if:

  • people have access to safe, predictable, productive quantities of pot at a reasonable cost
  • no one in the United States is imprisoned for charges of possession and distribution of reasonable amounts of weed
  • a literate cannabis culture of health, creativity and human connective thrives
  • marijuana replaces alcohol as America’s favorite mood lifter and social lubricant

Let us know if you want to help make that happen!